Underpowering Subwoofers


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So one day I was at a local car audio shop and the guy told me some ways a sub can fry. He mentioned underpowering as one of them. I was wondering exactly what underpowering does to the sub. Thanks.

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from what i understand.. i'm not too sure of this but i was told that if your amp dosent meet your subs power suggestions it would cause the amp to work harder and the amp would start clipping...

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its all explanied on


NO. 29 .....

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yes it would cause clipping and will eventually thermal damage will occur......

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Oh, the guy said something about the voil coil shifting...

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i wil lquote jonathan from bout a year ago.
"u can underpower a sub for a million years and nothing will happen(something like that lol)"
it wont cause clipping unless voltages drop...then it cause watts to drop, which causes a clipped signal

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os if you threw a capacitor in th emix it would prevent voltage dropping correct?

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it will help to smooth it out with a sufficient electrical system.. and like they said theres nothing wrong with underpowering a woofer if the gains are set correctly and you dont overdraw the amplifier.

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^right, theres nothing wrong with underpowering a sub. there is something wrong with taking a amp too small for the sub and trying to give the sub full power. (not the best choice of words)

but its the clipped signal that burns the coils not the lack of watts.

what do you think is happening when you volume is low? the sub is being under powered....

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ther is nothing wrong with under powering a system as long as you are not over drawing the amp, if you have a regulated amp (ex:jl/1000/1) if would not effect the amp at all
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