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ORION H2 12.2 2000 watts rms only gettin 230..HELP! OPINION?B2
Audiobahn amps any good?CadillacDb11
Please help build me a systemAnonymous12
Amp problems using Ground Loop IsolatorMitchell Stone2
Is this amp any good to push 2 12" alpine type r's???[...Rovin...]3
Amp for type-s??Chauncey Brown2
WIRING TWO MONO AMPSblaine westropp7
Is this amp any good to push 2 12" alpine type r's???CadillacDb10
5000 watts with 2 ampsJake Hill4
Fuse HelpJosh2
Jonathan JL 1000/1 settings helpJonathan7
Is it ok to use speaker wire's to RCA input on ampshaun whitaker6
Ground loop isolatorsBrandon2
Hey IsaacJames Longo3
Power rem. attached to a pos. 12 volt output?work?Brandon2
G&S Designs amps?corey gouveia1
WIRING TWO MONO AMPSjoshsurovey@yahoo.co1
What is a HI INPUT +L- +R- on my amp?Jay B.2
Power rem. attached to a pos. 12 volt output?work?Tommy K3
Will my jensen 12 hit 158db ?Josh6
Best HU for AM & MP3 and wiring 2 2ohm kappa 6x9's w/ 2 tweeters...BrAd GiLmAn1
Car Audio BoomboxAnonymous6
What amp for SE 15"Chauncey Brown5
Who thinks this amp and sub are a good pair?shaun whitaker13
Home Sub-amplifier with Car subwoofer?Mark S7
Which amp?Chauncey Brown6
Whats a decent cheap amp 300W x 1 @ 2 Ohms?juliob17
Viper 1200.1 and sub(s)juliob4
Please give some opinions about MotorjoyJohn3
Glasswolf, Rovin, Chauncey..... HELP!!!!Liqdfire313
600w mono amp?Chad Lee22
For your viewing pleasure...Thomas White21
New Soundstream?Jeff Lackman6
What amp?terrence schoelen3
1 Ohm or 4 Ohm which is better?Polo31
I know Thump amps suck but..Mitchell Stone5
Sub section is not working..........AgainBrandon3
600w mono amp?killer1
1 12" Infinity 1240W 300 RMSjuliob10
Need amp to push 2kw plusJosh10
Who thinks this amp and sub are a good pair?shaun whitaker1
Dynamic power?GlassWolf6
Memphis Amplifiers - 4SALEB7
Rockford T10001bd .vs. kicker kx1200.1myuh lope7
What kind of amp for 2 6x9's and 2 5"1/4's?B3
Amp problemb p5
How do i choose a amp to match my sub?Bob36518
What's wrong with this E-bay listing?Polo5
Amp F/S700032
Kappa 693.7i 6x9 3-WAY have dual voice coils and want to add anoth...BrAd GiLmAn4
What is the perfect amp for two cvr 12"Night Mirage14
Orion 1200d....Marcus Thompson5
New System almost Complete / Mo's SystemJames Longo25
Good class ab amp for midsJames Longo13
Jl Audio Questionty mutlow9
05 Chevy Blazer Wiring DiagramAtfdmike5
Which Amp is better?Chauncey Brown9
What gauge wire for 1200 watt amp?GlassWolf4
Which Amp to getChauncey Brown4
Good amp for re mt 15'sChauncey Brown12
Memphis ampsBob3654
Eclipse AmpsJake Hill2
Jl audio 500/1 recomended subs?gorillapimping14
Capacitor & gauge wire help!GlassWolf5
Bass Knobsucfsaxman5
JL 500/1 on A 12w7ucfsaxman2
Kenwood KAC-9152D opinons?shaun whitaker2
Power wire installationMarcus Thompson1
Pg or audiobahn amp juliob8
How to replace transistors?Stevie doo1
Possible? 2 amps to each voice coil on one DVC sub??GlassWolf8
Should i get 1 or 2 amps??ty mutlow15
How to set the bass boost on a ampB13
Whats the best distrabution box?B2
How to wire remote-wire in dual-amp setupOptidriven3
HiFonics BX1605D or HIFONICS BX1205D 1????Rosie4
Ebay seller warning!!!!!!!!!!!Isaac11
Is the Viper D1200.1 over/underrated?Jake Hill2
Need info about ampsty mutlow5
Anyone bought a refurb amp from Ikesound?|\/|aTT |F2
F/S SX1250.1 Amps Polo3
Subs cutting off?justin gholson1
Ma audio ma5082hx 4000 wattsredbone5
Burnt soundstream amp..CHRISTOPHER jAMES cA5
Problems with my systemjerrime hughes1
Amplifier listing on ebay,what's wrong with it?Polo2
Amp suggestion for 2 300w rms subs[...Rovin...]7
New at this, need help as to what amp to buy[...Rovin...]14
Rovin, glass, others[...Rovin...]2
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