Ebay seller warning!!!!!!!!!!!


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If you are purchasing items from the ebay seller named Sonomaxaudio buyer beware!
I hassled with this guy forever and finally got my money back and my ebay account cleared. I had every sort of trouble with the seller you could possibly imagine. If you are purchasing from this seller do so at your own risk...

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Thanks for the heads-up!

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Thanks for the warning...

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Same for Indo Audio!

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yeah, someone posted Indoaudio's rating with the BBB a while ago. they had an F and a ton of filed complaints, lol. i've don't 3 transactions with Indo though, all perfect.

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o man, indo just totally fuckked me on a premier 860, i ordered it like 3 weeks ago and first they said it was shipped, then delayed in warehouse, then shipped again, then not shipped, then it was on backorder, i finnaly asked for a refund and they gave it to me but i said that the whole thing was unacceptable and i was gonna leave negitive feed back and the sonofabitch threatened to leave me neg feedback back. after i gave him a piece of my mind he was all sorry and apologetic, still dont know what to leave thou, burns my-as thou

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haha, sux , i got no trouble here on ebay, bout a complete system but the head unit, for $100.00 crazy price for a box, 2 12" lightening audio subs, and a 400 watt amp, and all the wires... i wus amazed how cheap and fast the shipping wus, ill definity buy from them agian, hi fi sound is they store name so shop there if u want cheap stuff


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i bought from indo audio took a little to ship but finally got my subs but i do no chad lee had trouble buying some comps from them

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also, Americaaudio and Indoaudio are the same people. just for thoes who didn't know that.

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Same for me about Indo Audio.

In the past i bought the SS65.2 speakers form Kicker and when it came to the payment, which I did, he couldn't send me the item, because it was in backorder. After 3 weeks, still in backorder.
Over a month still haven't got anything and finally he said I can take something else for the moen I paid.
So I took the SX700.4, which I never installed and sold it to a friend.

Finally I was back on track and ask Indo Audio if they could deliver me the SX900.4.
He said yes and I paid the dude with Paypal.
After some time (I think about 3 weeks) I received my amp, but the amp was badly damaged.
I informed him and asked me if I could send some pics from him, whick I did.
He told me to send it back, which I also did, but I didn't got any reply.
Over 3 months past by still haven't got any new amp.
Called my creditcard company and ask them to credit the money back and I received my money.


When you ask them to refund your money it alsways takes over months before you get it back.




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You're lucky you got your money back. I never did.
Paypal told me they'd only give me 1/3 of my money cause that's all the CAN guarantee, even though during purchase, $1200 was eligible for protection. It's all lies. I wonder if anyone got a FULL refund ever from Paypal. They always seem to have excuses as to why they can't refund you or cover even 1/2 the amount.
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