Best HU for AM & MP3 and wiring 2 2ohm kappa 6x9's w/ 2 tweeters


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Can you help me on this system? I have a mp5028 kenwood mp3 and it can't pick-up any AM stations.I want the stock head unit because I know it picks up AM stations but also want MP3. Will a aftermarket head unit really get AM stations? I have had 3 and all have not been able too in all areas of Houston in 3 different cars. What head unit would you guys buy for the MP3 and AM? Hopefully a better head unit can reach the stations. What else could I do to insure the pick-up of the AM stations? I do not want to run 2 seperate HU's for the AM and MP3. Another question will tweeters blow if they have a built in crossover if hooked up to a 2 ch. amp with 2 kappas 6x9 3 way? I only have the 2 6x9 kappa speakers and need more tweets. What should I do to insure that the tweeters will not blow? What tweeters would you buy? What would the ohm load be with 2 2ohm kappas and 2 4ohm dome tweeters? I am guessing a 1 ohm stable amp can handle that right? To make it simpler what HU would you buy, and how would you wire the 2 kappas and the 2 tweeters to a 2ch 1ohm stable amp? Can I get away with a 2 ch (if best amp)2ohm stable amp or can I use a 1ohm 1,2,4 ch. amp? Sorry for all the questions, if you can help that will be great! Also if I take the wire converter off the kappas and just have the +- hooked up to both +- +- will that add more bass? It would be eliminating the crossover or is that stupid and I should just buy the other tweeters with crossovers and hook them up to the amp too?
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