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Kicker 1200.1 for speakers+comps+tweets?ice16
Question Jl audioMike the mannn1
2 Ohm stable??ty mutlow4
Hey Isaac!MO46
MORE A8000T questionsDUB C10
Fosgate P6001bdYoung James4
Jl 300/2[...Rovin...]2
What is a good inexpensive amp for my subs?Michael Cheatham10
Help on getting a sony AMPMichael Cheatham7
About kx1200 and sx1250 priceNight Mirage1
Help Recommend me some subs for 2 - aw8002trochester25803
Mitzu Power amp. Worth the Labor?Erik Smithson6
15,000 Watt AmpTyler23
Need help with what amp to buyAnonymous3
One jl audio 1000.1 amp?Morrowb13
What type of amp should i get????B3
Directed Audio amps?B4
Can anyone recommend an amp????bassman35
What Amp(s) Do I Need?[...Rovin...]11
What subwoofer to getChauncey Brown2
What subwoofer to getChauncey Brown2
Dealsryan b24
Sub-outRaymond Keith Jones13
How do i hook up a system in my house??Tommy K26
Should I run subs to 4 ohms or 2 ohms?ty mutlow19
Single channel mono block helpty mutlow3
I need advice a.s.a.p PLEASEty mutlow18
Amp wiring helpty mutlow2
Need an amp suggestionty mutlow9
Boss Audio?ty mutlow2
JBL 1200.1 on 2JL 12w6v2James Longo7
Kicker sx900.4Chauncey Brown5
Car CapacitorGlassWolf3
Hella StupidNick8
Need HELP!jeff berg1
I need help !!Mitchell Stone3
Amp Helpty mutlow9
Can u bridge 4 channelty mutlow7
Kicker KX2500 Mono Amp 2500 WATTS..HELP PLEASE!myuh lope5
IS THis possible without damage???Young James6
Which amp?Alan1
How are cadence amps ?Nemen6
Need help hooking up amp to subsJames Longo2
N0b question|\/|aTT |F11
Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro or Kicker L7 or Alpine Type X or Kicker SoloXjuliob2
Quick questionB2
Anybody heard of this?B2
What is better 4 ohm or 2 ohm subs in my situationty mutlow4
What is better 4 ohm or 2 ohm substy mutlow3
Enough power for my components??Neal4
Quick question?James Longo2
Help tuning my amp.. please helpMO4
I need an ampAnonymous23
Need Amp for Two Kicker L7Dorian Alcantar4
Car audio in homeTommy K4
Constant low static problem :-(...RRRR5
3 amps 3 subs one preamp what to do[...Rovin...]8
FS: USAmp IS blowout!!!! Best Bang for the Buck here!!!alteraudiousa11
Connect car amp and sub to home dvd player??mikey nunyabussiness1
Problems with amp connectionAnonymous1
Online crossfire stores.Eddie4
How About This Amp??steinkea19
They should be here tommorow MO23
Finding the right ampOptidriven7
Wiring 4 speakers to a 4 channel amp at 2ohms each speakerfernando felix3
Keeping it coolJames Longo4
2 GA wirePolo31
Kx600.4 with 2 kappa 3way & 2 pioneer. 1 kappa cutting out? is amp ...BrAd GiLmAn1
Question about Kicker info, and OHMSJared Seals1
Help! Amp Setupecliptic13
Rockford fosgateJames Longo2
Crossover or no crossoverJames Longo3
12" to 15"ucfsaxman4
Do they sell refurbished on ebayucfsaxman2
Nosie in my speakersryan b8
Trunk Rattlingryan b16
Subs???ryan b6
Will my RF 500.2 amp handle 2 ohms bridge Ryan Babendrager11
Which amp???Neal9
Man o man!James Longo9
Help!!! - Cars Stereo Turns Off When LOUD!Brandon4
Refurbished amps?Terry64053
Hifonics amps? good or bad?Terry64057
Opinion on a Viper 1200.1marshall white13
New hifonics stuff?Terry64055
Wiring a mono amp and a DVC sub! please help![...Rovin...]2
E-bay stores?James3
Re 12.1 an ed nine 1 is it ok 2 use 4g power wireS.P.D3
Is my Rockford Fosgate Punch 500.2 fake? james7
New guy needs some helpB2
2/0 ga. for Big Three?Optidriven2
Amp helpty mutlow3
Choosing an amp!!ty mutlow17
Orion Cobalt 200.4Simon J Casey3
Which amp?Chauncey Brown10
Is there a big difference in sound??Anonymous11
Channels...Jay B.7
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