IS THis possible without damage???


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i have an amp punch 400.4.

50 W rms x 4 channel @ 4 ohm

100 W rms x 4 channel @ 2 ohm

200 W rms x 2 channels @ 4 ohm

well i was planning to put a ( Dual 2 Ohm 8 inch subwoofer wired at 4 ohm load to a bridged channel..[200 W rms x 2 channels @ 4 ohm] the thing is that my sub is 250 Rms so its kida equal.

now, the other side two channels of the amp that remain, i am planning to use them for (4) 4ohm midrange speakers. and hook em up in pairs so that i could get loads of 2 Ohm for each channel and connect each pair to the channels [100 W rms x 4 channel @ 2 ohm]. so i would get 100 watts per pair os speakers.

is this possible?????, my amp is going to resist? i noticed that my amp gor hot. please help me.

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No, you will be overloading that amp, and fry somnething eventually! I dont think your amp is Trimode compatible; Read this:

I don't think trimode is what Dorian is trying to achieve by looking at the picture at

if you amp is 2 ohm stable, I can assume that you can wire 2 speakers to 1 channel @2 ohms, 2 more speakers to the other channel @2 ohms. and the 2 back channels are bridged for the sub.

I could be wrong on this.

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your idea sounds fine Dorian. Good way to get optimal power out of your amp.

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ohh 4channel. been up too early 2day. =D

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it should be fine, providing that you have done what you stated you have done. How long does it take to get how? And how loud do you have it before it gets hot?
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