Help!!! - Cars Stereo Turns Off When LOUD!


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Ok, I dont know if this is the right categorie, But I will put it here any ways. OK. I have a Blaupunkt MP43 CD player, 2 4" 300W Speakers, 2 6" 250W Cone Bass Speakers, 2 10" MOMO Audio 800W Subwoofers, 2 6"x9" 150W Speakers and 2 12" Subs, Which I am unsure of the brand or wattage. I have a MTX 1400W 4 Channel Amp and a Tedlex 250W 2 Channel Amp. The Problem is when I have the CD player going, I can only have the volume going at 40-45. The CD player goes to 66. If I go above 45 the CD player turns off and resets. How can i fix this problem. It doesnt do it when I only have 4 speakers going with the bass turn down, But if I have them same speakers with the bass turn up it does the same. I have tryed having the bass turned right down when all the other gear is going and It still does the same thing. What can I do to fix this problem. It has done this in both cars I have Had the stereo in. What can i do to fix this!!

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Sounds like you got way too much stuff hooked up! The amps are also prob overloaded with to low of an impedence. Also the HU speaker terminals are prob loaded! Making very bad sounding audio. Then with all that stuff its going to be huge amounts of cancellation.

How EXACTLY is this stuff set up????
What is hooked to what? Explain!

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It sounds like to me that your not gettin enough power to run everything at that high of level... Does it turn off when when you reach that high of volume or does it play jus fine and when the bass hits it turns off? you might wanna check your hu's ground because if it aint and good ground. Im not sayin that the ground is the problem jus givin you a heads up on it...

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sounds like you have a charging problem. or as B said, just way too much stuff hooked up. more isn't always better.

but i had the same problem a long time ago. had a cheap profile amp and every time i'd turn the volume up, the HU (Alpine CDA-9813) would turn off, then turn back on and would keep doing that till i'd turn the volume down, which was hard since it'd keep turning on and off so i'd have to catch it right when it was turning on. anyway, i got rid of the cheap crappy amp and got a JL 500/1 (same, if not more wattage compared to the Profile too btw) had no problemd since and thats the only change i made. HU's been working fine for like 4 years now.
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