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Comp help baddddddd!!!!Chauncey Brown6
How longShawn M23
Whats the Difference Between a Wedge and a Rectangle BoxMichael Lazott9
Worthported or sealedfonsworth1
Opinions on the MMATTS JUGGERNAUT 18fonsworth14
Stealth Fiberglass BoxJonathan4
Nobody seems to be answering my questions in another forum so ill a...* Rovin *6
What to look for in an amp when buyingNE$TER1
Whats a good spl sub to run 2 orion 250r hcca's?please helpredbone1
Place To Get Big 3 WiresKnacko4
What sub do i push?? Help please.mike7
RE SX 15" vs avalanche 15" vs mtx9500 12"AM21
Eclipse 8810 dvc subChay1
Memphis M3Dan the man2
Rf Power 1501bd amp overkill for w7?joe mawmmuh25
Which load?* Rovin *8
Infinity? or Alpine?ty mutlow3
DVC and SVC questionsBassManMIke8
Downfiring a subadam beaman2
Spl setupKaramjit Singh20
RE SX 12" or (2) Alpine Type R 12"two4fifteen9
Thoughts on woofer/amp matchup.CadillacDb5
Getting an amp testedOso2
SPL JL Quick QuestionJonathan21
What are some websites to get HO alternators?Oso8
Sound qualityAdam22
Sub boxes on ebay? ty mutlow6
Is this wiring possibleCadillacDb24
SX 12" Box HELPJoshua Ghiata5
Got a amp, but are the subs ok?mixneffect2
15' ti vs 15" sxMike Loudon12
Good 15/18 for 2 250r hcca's?Tony Vincent1
Remember this...mike10
Concept cps 18, any good?Tony Vincent2
1 SX 12" VS. 2 12" CVR'SDustin Pettit14
Which 15?James Longo16
Decent system for girlfriendBassManMIke10
Custom door panels.... DIYmike14
Suggestions on subsgray moonen5
Killer Whale ChallengeYoung James29
Mtx 8500Casey Wood3
Hifonics Goliath XX-3212 is it a good sub????Dustin Pettit14
Does anyone has experience with polyfill?baseball11874
Who here owns a TCAB box?Adam1
2 Alpine Type R vs 2 JL Audio 12W6v2Justin Whitehead12
My friend wants a good system, any comments/suggestions?Richard8
Seperate enclosureskiller2
Home audio sub in car?NE$TER8
What is a BP crossover mixneffect2
Differance in 8w3 and 8w3v2?Casey Wood3
For all who are interestedCasey Wood2
Ok have to ask charlie7
Sean...plz reply dude ha ha.Dan the man34
What do you think of this budget setup?James Palanza4
Sound deadenercharlie6
So i had an argument!mikechec915
New AA stuff coming soon :-)...two4fifteen4
Granny rideJames Longo12
Trying to find a price range on this....James Longo2
Dayton Audiomikechec911
James longoJames Longo16
Lights dimming/wiringbaseball11879
What's better single voice coil or dual?* Rovin *11
Ground wirety mutlow2
Site with stock systems in carssean2
If you could pickDustin Pettit17
HO alt questionmike3
Question?Brandon Marthinsen4
What do you think?Thomas E Miller2
Question On power to subwooferReLOaDeD5
Would this sound goodmatt thigpen5
What you think about this boxThomas E Miller8
TREO prices. i e-mailed them but never got a reply..jake papa8
Wat kind of boxcharlie4
Jl sub questionJames Longo8
Need site nameChauncey Brown6
My friend wants a good system, any commets/suggestions?Richard2
Jeep door pannel helpJames Longo2
Little Reminder, RE salejhon52
Cheap but decent* Rovin *6
Kickers???Chauncey Brown6
Jeep door pannel helpblaine westropp1
Ground wiremikechec93
Talk sh!t hereNOL1M1TSOLD1ER19
Did they steer me right?Casey Wood19
Memphis "MOJO"NE$TER13
Sub for sub$140Chauncey Brown11
2 12"s or 1 18"??Charles7
Tell me if this HU is goodNOL1M1TSOLD1ER10
Unrelated to car audioucfsaxman53
Always wonderedREDSKIN22
Last day to get RE subs shipped by the 16th!AM4
Constant bass PLEASE HELP!!!Justin Karr13
100$ subTyler10
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