Which load?


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if i have two seperate enclosures both subs wired to 4 ohms....and then i hooked them up to a mono amp, would this make for a 2 0hm load on the amp? or would it jsut stay @ 4 0hms?

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stay at 4ohms i believe

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ne one else....cuz i was pretty sure it would present the amp with a 20hm load...but jsut want to be sure first...

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yeah it would make a two ohm load

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if each sub is presenting a single 4 ohm load, you would wire the two in parallel and get a final single 2 ohm load for your mono amp

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if you just run both (+) wires to the (+) terminal on the amplifier and the same for the (-) then your subs are wired in parallel. That would present a 2ohm load to the amp. You can wire it differently to present an 8ohm load (series wiring) but I doubt you would want that.

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that mono amp is stable at 2ohm most ono amps are at least that.

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