Sub boxes on ebay?


hey guys, im buying 2 12" subs and since box's for them are so dam much around here was thinking of other alternatives. Not sure if i would be able to make one or not since it suppose to be exact to the volume of the enclouser.

ebay on the other hand has some pretty cheap box's and was just wondering how well they perform,

like these 2 for example emZ5839412337QQcategoryZ14945QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Z5840267896QQcategoryZ32823QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

dude has 98% positive feedback out of like 22k transactions and is a 'power seller'.. whatever that means lol, just wondering if its worth buying these or are they just good looking in the pictures and all crap after

thanks for any advice

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it would be better if u got the box made for the subs. i could build u 1. i could also vinal it instead of boring carpet. i built this box

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personally i think the second one looks weird but ive never heard subs in that kind of box so i would go with the 1st on but i think that you should make your box, its pretty easy and only cost me 25.00 but my box is huge and you could probably get away with a self made box for 12.00 or whatever the price for MDF is. if you look around they have websites for box building plans and stuff

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Registered: Aug-04 you can customize each box to your subs specs there and has alot of premade boxes for tons of vehicles. prices arent too bad either

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Just thought I would say in passing, that the box that Anon. posted, looks a LOT like the one I have, and it actually sounds really nice.

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match the subs required airspace to the boxes your looking at, like a ported box will rewire that you do not need as much power to make them sound good, airspace is key though.
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