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Running power wire in 96 Tahoe!!!!!martin nicholson1
60 amp fuse?GlassWolf4
Swiss AudioJohn Bennett9
JBL GTO755.6 or Infinity 5761aJohnnymafur1
Ohm wireingBryn Mountford2
Summoning GlassWolf / Amp-Gauge question.GlassWolf2
Infinity 5761a to power an entire system (6 channel)Sammy1235
2 Alpine Type R 12" Subs...amp suggestions?started this thread.13
Bass Knob?? John Bennett2
Does size matter?Quick Shot 4ever14
Amp keeps blowing fuses?scuba steve2
Infinity 5761a to power an entire system (6 channel)Sammy1231
Can someone explain this.....GlassWolf2
Bass remoteSeth Lowe8
Different impedience subs wired to bd1500 amp Seth Lowe2
Audiobahn Amps any good?Isaac15
Ebay trouble ron11
Amp problem please helpAnonymous2
E1400d and RE SE10Ultimate Post Ho23
Looking to buy hifonics ampsJustin2
Need help finding an amp idk anything about themJames Goodman4
Clipping questionStevie doo9
Good Amp for a 15?Jerrone Hornbeak3
Need Help Jerrone Hornbeak2
Lanzar VIBE238 or Pioneer GM-5000TJerrone Hornbeak2
Another Amp Question...John Bennett4
Dual amp installation question....Isaac3
Good Amp for 2 Infinity Kappa PerfectsInfinity Addict3
Little bit of trouble...TB14
Cheap, crappy amps.Matt Haug7
Phoneix golducfsaxman5
Best 1000 watt RMS amplifiermy name5
My lights flicker like a strobe lightwhen the switch is off....Georgina butch3
Amp less voltage than hu, question...kevin1
Which amp with this 10" L7seanggg14
Install myself or have best buy do itJake Hill12
Help with rms speakerstony lugo1
Need help trying to find the right amptony lugo3
Can anyone tell me anything about this amp please?Subfanatic11
Are Cadence amps any goodGlassWolf2
RCA voltage modifiersGlassWolf3
Amp/ Preout voltage question 4 voltsGlassWolf2
How do I tell if my sub's are clipping.GlassWolf3
Class A/B vs Class D for SubsGlassWolf6
Help with MTX SystemYoung11
Are Kicker KX amps any goodDoug Zator2
Anyone a JL or Zapco dealer?scuba steve12
JL e1200?scuba steve6
Check this outscuba steve4
Opinions on amp for single amp setup...Bob Falfa1
Just wondrin...pyle driver ampscuba steve2
How to set up a three amp system????John Smith1
Power wire gauge...??Kahren Aydinyan4
Amp wont power on, help please..joe blow10
Phoneix goldAnonymous1
MTX 801dDavid Brunner2
LOOKandrew barrio1
Oso, how did it go?Quick Shot 4ever2
Lol needing a cheap amp..for 2 12" SxsRoger O21
How to hook up 2 or 3 amps at onceChauncey Brown2
12" solo baric good buy or badMuddyWaters7
What would be bestrigger13
Lights flicker when switch is offJake Hill2
Help please im newMuddyWaters9
High - low convertorBryn Mountford1
Good amps for a sub.Igor malenky4
Alphasonik PMA800DAJake Hill6
Rather low price but good.Anonymous7
Hooking Up Second Amp Into Distribution Blockcody t8
Need help with AmpMike Jones2
Gain Setting. Experts OnlyMO4
Mono Amp???Anonymous6
Help me outcody t16
Need amp help please!!!!Isaac2
Refurbished?Ricky Lussier13
Important!Ricky Lussier9
Tired of wasting money on car audioGlassWolf4
Need amp for 2 infinity kappa perfects.Infinity Addict19
Wiring??Infinity Addict3
Amp and sub troubleDaniel Joesph Newall3
Alpine MRV-F340 going into protection modeShawn Bowen3
Subs turning on/offNicholas Rackel5
Help pleaseJames Goodman11
Need good subsMO6
Need some wiring helpKevin Barone6
Bass remoteInfinity Addict2
Im lost?!GlassWolf3
Phase shiftGlassWolf2
Isaac and Jonathan / System Installation CompleteMO25
Hifonics amp overpowering???Quick Shot 4ever4
Sound system not workingQuick Shot 4ever2
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