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Dumb question?Hunter Warren7
Best bass options for an El CaminoAlpineThumping5
Question for James!, Considering..Hunter Warren5
Amp for 2 BrahmasHunter Warren2
Blew My MindHunter Warren2
Sub and amp troublenathan b1
Jonathan, need your help on building a box for Avalanche 15Loc_out18
Sound Competition Pictures??Brandon2
Thinking of getting a sub..need some helpdb-bass25
Impedence question Please HElp!!!Dave Joseph Feifarek5
Putting together my systemPharoh2
Go with 2ohm or 4ohm???David Brunner4
2ohm or 4ohmDavid Brunner2
10" sub. 2ohm or 4ohm???db-bass1
Mtx road thunders?Donald Byrum jr4
Getting hired at local audio place(Glasswolf??)Jonathan9
Location Any Good?Pharoh5
New Subs Cutting out and shutting offPharoh11
Audiobahn AW1206T's any good?Shane S5
Kinda going nutsmichael langley7
Best place to buy dual 10" boxInvictuz2
12" Solo Baric ProblemBugley16
Box for Atlas 15"Alan Girard3
Which of these is better???James Longo3
Idmax and hifonics brutus bx1500Joe Smoe20
Kicker crv 10"Joe Smoe2
500rms on avalanche???MO18
Building or Buying a Box for a 12" Cerwin Vega Strokerb1
How loud will this bedonny keen11
Sub box help asapmatthew1
Any good?Julian Jones2
Ascendant audioMO8
Cap or bat?Richard Hassler6
Navigation system abraham1
Sub boxesmixneffect4
Settings..S. Singh2
Venting subwoofer into cabinRT9
Q's: Damping&Filling/enclosure/braces/ohmsGlassWolf6
Need help decidingSubfanatic2
Need ADVICE on Car Audio Systems.. Complete RookieTyler Samuel18
How do you level up (lol) in this forumbasslova26
Best spl 15" subSubfanatic6
Subwoofer Overheatingjoseph coulson12
Experienced decsion needed!!!Joe Smoe8
Where can I find ID Max or Atlas?basslova4
Type R helpBrandon11
JL, Type-R or Polk ?David Brunner9
Speaker LocationsDavid Brunner2
Sub Box Plans for an 1987 firebirdRobbie Hicks1
What do u guys think?Pharoh7
Which is the better choice?Pharoh4
What Amp for my Subs?Pharoh4
Box for Atlas 15"Alan Girard3
Kicker warrantysean2
Can my amp. handle it???????shawn ballinger1
Cornering a port..starting box today plz helpMark S6
Wat kind of box should i buildMichael Cazayoux46
Difference in the JL 12W6v2 and W7Michael Cazayoux9
Quik question.Subfanatic14
Sadddd day.... Richard Hassler6
Question on coilsGlassWolf9
Enclosure recommendationscutthrote3
12" Atlas or 12" Eclipse Help Pleasebasslova6
Safety firstSubfanatic39
Need experienced help Subfanatic5
What is my box tuned to?D P W45
Greenzap, a new paypal!Subfanatic1
2 10'sDave7
What is this song called?Pharoh16
Help me build a competition vehicle...Joe Smoe13
Alpine Type R Vs. Type XD P W4
Need help deciding 10" or 12".taylor174
Alpine Type Xtaylor1714
2 12's for $400taylor1711
Rockford T2 vs Mtx 9500 taylor172
Dual slot ported box for saleRoger O4
CASSETTES ROCKSomebody Somewhere7
Just for fun what was the first system everybody owned.Fishy46
Who else hates SONY???mixneffect10
Atlas VS AvalanchePharoh5
What type of box??Fishy3
Any good?Subfanatic1
Type-RMike Hawk6
Sub under $200Darek Fanton5
Suggestions pleaeSubfanatic2
Phoenix gold xenon 600.1mo2
My system finally installed!!!!... now a problem.. help!!Richard Hassler14
Selling 2 very rare and nice amps - Zapco and PPIJoe Smoe24
Credibility Restored........Jonathan2
How big of a differance?Fishy10
Elevation AudioJames Longo7
Adire Shiva helpJoe Smoe2
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