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Upgrading from NAD...BUT!!Bugs15
Cambridge 540A best recommendations for bookshelf speakersKaleb9
Lexicon MC1 or Rotel 1068????Cyrus2
How to do it Cyrus2
Rockford fosgate amp p3002Art Kyle3
Pre-Amp VS Stereo ReceiverJan Vigne14
Good Deals on home electronicsWes Corea1
Plate amp questionmagnethead2
Anyone heard of LUXMAN?? pls help.Martin Bucher85
Newbie...please help!Art Kyle2
2 on 1keston adams2
Online shoppingjoseph blum1
Cambridge A5 with D500SE?Lester Kho1
Naim NAIT 5i integrated amplifier + Quad 12L SpeakersStu Pitt2
Please take me out of my misery !Chichio3
ARCAM owners HELP, Alpha/Diva/bi-amp?bigjudda3
Cambridge Audio 540a VS NAD 320 BEECanuck4
What the best amp for kicker c10Nuck3
Arcam, Rotel..Hey FrankNuck6
Amp RemoteJoseph Curry1
Rotel vs NAD integrated'sCanuck11
Advice: multi-channel amp VS speaker selectorLester3
Recommended power alternator per RMSitalianpsycho3
Not sure what amp to get pleazse helpJustin Rogers3
Replacement Tubes for a old antique Magnavox speakerJan Vigne2
First System? - $10,000 budgetStu Pitt4
Power supply size to run amp?MattMC1
Behringer UltraBass BX600 not working rightBLAAAAH1
What amp would be good for my subs need helpjustin tood henry1
X-80 messing with my budgetdavidyim2
Need help bridging NAD 7155 and NAD 2155.WILL BROWNE1
Replacement Rack system partsJan Vigne2
Powering a Car amp for home use??TrxR1
Amp for mono reproduction (bridging?)Jan Vigne13
Need help wiring two comp vr and jl audio amp..Art Kyle2
Subwoofer Cutout - due to subs or amp?Erik S2
A good amp for cheaper speakersJan Vigne21
Power!!!Frank Abela9
4-ohm bridged amp with single DVC 4-ohm sub?dumass_newbie3
Need some help.Boon Stevens2
Mono or 2 channel?SamC3
Sugden a21 vs Rotel RA-1062Craig Williams3
Help with amp choice for B&W 800 seriesFrank Abela3
Need opinion on Denon PMA 2000 IVRJan Vigne6
MBO MA-1 Amp and PA-1 Pre-AmpDarryl1
Parallel power ampsThomas Wharton3
High pitched noise issue - HELP!!!Jan Vigne3
Please describe *Bright *Warm *Neutral soundsDustin Stock2
Help for a waterpark systemKeith French11
Speaker SelectorKeith French1
Power supplies combinable?Anonymous1
Amplifier HelpLorensen Hsu2
Help with ampBrandon Ray Hacker2
NAD C350 or NAD C320BEESun King38
Dynaudio Audience 42 perfect for Rotel RA 1062?Frank Abela3
Talk to meJeppy Doodle3
Cambride Audio A1 - Two Speakers & One Sub?cody m price3
Enquiryadam mills1
Lexicon, Aragon, Parasound Amp?James P3
Anthem Tube Amps Jan Vigne3
Stereo vs Home TheatreSeth McKiness10
NAD T743 ProblemJames P3
Onix A-120MkII Integrated AmpUshername4
Simple ohm questionsJan Vigne9
An easy question for y'all...Frank Abela3
I've acquired a Hafler DH-500 amp. Now what?Anonymous1
Not happy with Cambridge 540A - what next?Gavin R. Cumm25
DIY HiFi Audio Project Articles - Pass Labs Aleph 5 and Audio Note ...ec12881
Low cost rig adviceMikey Shaw3
Update for fryguy fansDustin Stock1
Amp display on kvt-725dvd-bAnonymous1
Identify My Amp?Jan Vigne2
1 amp with 2 channels, 1 sub... series or parallel?Eric Zeppelin5
To those who used fryguy's ideaDustin Stock8
Home AmpsEric Zeppelin1
Weird Question..Dustin Stock6
Yamaha DSP-A1 - How to get line level for main channels.WEC4
Preamp: Needed?Frank Abela2
Musical Fidelity A5 Series?petery2
What is better Rotel RB03 + RC03 or NAD C350 ?Martin123456
Advise required for Finalizing speakers for NAD 352 amp.tomaso5
Fixing outputs on ampAnonymous1
Big choice for audio, music in Hanoileanhduc1
Hanoi Hi-end Audio Clubleanhduc3
Musical Fidelity A 3.5 Series !!!Living4Music7
Is my amp rare? Valuable?Jan Vigne6
Building speaker system but what power amp do i need?Laurence Archer3
Onkyo a-9911, opinionsVjeran Pajic1
How can I know which one I need btw HK AVR-235 or AVR-335Dexter4
Need help with receiver and speakersbobbyg19672
Opinions on Parasound products?Seth McKiness12
Using a Computer power supply to power an ampSeth McKiness3
Building a PC based multichannel home entertainment system under $2000Anonymous5
Strange humming noise...Pentode6
Yamaha rx-757 and C-9 speakersgeeklsuagain2
Which Receiver To Use?Patrick L. Thomas1
How to hook up amps Eric Ramsey2
What's the best speaker to match with NAD C352 & NAD 542Eric4
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