What is better Rotel RB03 + RC03 or NAD C350 ?


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Username: Martin12345

Ostrava, Czech republic

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Registered: Apr-05
What should I choose ?

nad c350! anytime anywhere. Don't look so on the beauty, I realized that nad is better than any rotel in this class $$$$.

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Username: Martin12345

Ostrava, Czech republic

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A litle bit late, now I already have a one ...

... NAD C350 and is GREAT !

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Username: Rombi

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i'd go for the rotel over the nad anyday...

it has a purer sound (i have the rotel ra 1062),which I think can also be described as greater " greater image density" (the music seems to be more solid - more filled-in)

but let me not spend your money for you - audition both set-ups with the same cd player and speaker and let the rotel put a smile on your face...

it's what i did when I auditioned the ra 1062...
of all the amps i auditioned that day - including the NAD 372 it was the only one that put a smile on my face and made me eager to here more...couldn't wait to get it home...

and I do believe that that is what's it's all about... making that emotional connection with the music...

but having said that your might not like the rotel sound as much as i do...

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I've owned both Rotel and NAD, lot's of both. I agree with Craig's analysis of Rotel's sound relative to image density. However, I find NAD to be more detailed, subtle, rhythmic and the image less cluttered than the Rotel. I prefer NAD but only by a little bit. They both make great products and can't lose with whichever you chose. My advice give them both a listen and like Craig said see which one gives you that 'emotional connection" to the music.

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Username: Martin12345

Ostrava, Czech republic

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I compare both, I heard Rotel (RB3+RC3) in a HiFi studio ( 800$ both ) and later i buy a NAD c350 (from second hand only 300$ ). Both amps are great and beat others especialy in bass section. But where is Rotel more hard (in bass) there is NAD more datiled und warmer without loosing hardnest. So I decide for NAD c350 and with this price it was a clear decision :o)

To day I was almoust late in work, when i listen to Bob Marley :o) on my Denon 1450, NAD c350, Xavian 125 II - it was so axciting :o)
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