Please describe *Bright *Warm *Neutral sounds


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I'm just starting my venture into audiophile world. I'm familiar with the terms yet I'm not sure how to pinpoint them. My goal is to achieve the most realistic sound so I'm trying to educate myself, I've read alot but I haven't found any threads discussing this question.

I'm currently using a Pioneer 1014 with Aperion satellite speakers (1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeter
4" Custom Poly Midrange).

What do I listen for to conclude what is bright, warm, or neutral?

What determines bright, warm, and neutral?

Do you experts test with a certain DVD for HT and a certain CD for music?


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ok, in no way will this be a for-sure right answer, but here is my guesses since nobody else wants to answer you (kinda annoying, eh?).. im doing this for good karma so maybe people will answer me more often ;).. so anyways, here goes nothing.

"bright": ever stared at the sun? or a really bright light.. kinda hurts your eyes doesn't it? well.. this is almost the case with bright speakers.. they are composed of harsh highs and small lows.. might start to irritate at high volumes.

"warm": my guess on warm would have to be alot of mid-bass, semi-overpowering the highs in the music to create a "warm" buzzing type of reproduction, if you get what im saying.

"neutral": well, my guess would have to be the 'perfect balance' type of deal.. no too much highs, not too many lows.. perfectly balanced, right in the center. probably something most audiophiles would enjoy.

hope my post was helpful =)
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