How can I know which one I need btw HK AVR-235 or AVR-335


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Hi, well yeah, the problem is that im looking for a new receiver from HK (AVR-235 or 335), I'm not sure which one I need to be able to drive my speakers correctly, I got Klipsch RF-35, they're rated at 125watts @ 8ohms @ 98db... the AVR235 is "only" (I heard their amp were very powerfull) 65watts per channel and the AVR335 is 70watts, I guess it wont make a big difference to get 5watts extra and pay 300$ more (CDN)

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the extra 5 watts are no big differencce. To go up 3db in actual sound pressure level ( SPL ) you have to double the power. For example...if your amp is producing 1 watt, to go up 3 db, it must produce 2 watts.....if it is cranking along at 100 watts, to go up another 3db, it has to produce 200 at the 65-70 watt mark, 5 watts won't make a difference. What you are paying for are the extra features of the receiver. Since you are running Klipsch ( VERY efficient speakers ), 65 watts is plenty. Personally, I just repaired an AVR 525 and am selling it ( no this isnt a pitch ), but the build quality is vastly improved over the 520. IF you want a real bargain, then hit ebay and check out prices on year old 525's. If you are a little shy and need warranty, then go new, but stay away from the 630.....I have seen a LOT of them blown up on ebay ( that what I do ) and anything that blows up that much, and is that new, couldn't be a good thing.

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bobbyg1967, thank you for the information, I'm indeed a little bit shy to buy over ebay and the problem is, I live in canada and most sellers dont ship to canada/or I will have to pay lots of duty fees, I saw the AVR235 for 340$ US which is pretty cheap, anyway, I wont even consider the AVR 335 anymore, thanks!

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People are selling the 630 because it's discontinued, doesn't have DP IIx, and doesn't have video upconvert. Soundwide and powerwide, this receiver beats the 525 model and all down models. There is a firmware updated for the 630 to make it DP IIx. All you need is a computer with internet and some serial cable. Your 630 will be matching with the newly released 635 except video upconvert.
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