First System? - $10,000 budget


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Building first system from scratch. Would appreciate some advice on a proven system synergy for around $10K

Listen to Rock/Pop mostly. Have CD's only, but open to SACD combo. Sonic priorities are tight images and a large soundstage. A smooth, detailed, involving sound. Not too forward, boomy, or aggressive.

My biases going in are that I'd prefer an integrated amp for simplicity. I love tube sound, but for the same simplicity reason believe I'd only want tubes in the preamp stage or CD, if at all.

Will go in an acoustically friendly, 500 sq ft room. But, due to placement limitations, can only accomodate floorstandersor, or monitors/stands, up to about 36"-38" high max.

Have considered a MF A5 Integrated/CD combo, and Thiel 1.6 or 2.4's, but have made no decisions yet. Would love some input.

What about pre-owned equipment from sources such as Augiogon?, or mail order.

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Check out Naim Audio. They major on Pace Rhythm and Timing and so really give you a sense of performance which lends itself greatly to Rock & Pop. They make everything from CD players through amps to speakers.


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If I had $10k to start a new system, I'd go with either McIntosh, Bryston, or Simaudio. Niam is great too though.
McIntosh makes seperates, integrateds, sources, and speakers. They are hand made in Binghamton, NY, and have a family heirloom quality to them. They've been around almost as long as stereos have been, and have great customer support.
When I pay off the morgage and student loans, I'll hopefully get a McIntosh set up myself.
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