Building a PC based multichannel home entertainment system under $2000


I have been browsing the net for some time looking for info on building a hi-fi PC based multichannel home entertainment system under $2000.

My contraints are:

(1) I am from India (means I may not be able to audition products from very high end Rotel/Marantz/Nakamichi). We do have some good stores dealing in high end equipments, but many big names are missing from the product range available here. Brands, most popularly available here are: Denon, Harman Kardon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Kenwood, Nakamichi, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Velodyne, SoundSmith, Jamo, JBL, JVC etc etc.

(2) I want to build it around my PC. Primarily the reason being I have a large collection (approx 4000 songs) in digital format on it, and I don't want to lose that awesome collection by going away from PC. MY PC has a Creative Audigy 2ZS (a very good card) and so far I am happy with it.

(3) My current set of speakers are hand-picked and pump out 200 watts (RMS)of very good quality sound. But it is not enough power for me. My living room (now is larger than earlier (24x15), hence the upgrade).

(4) I am looking forward to build a 5.1/6.1/7.1 system under $2000. Minus the preamp (my pc will do the job for me, right ;))

My question is:

What would you be the combination of your choice under these circumstances? Please guide me in terms of Manufactures's reputation, their general product quality, any specific brands to pay attention to, and the price range if I need to adjust :-)

Thanking you in advance for your valuable suggestions.


Ranjeet Rain


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Hi Ranjeet

I am Rahul from Faridabad. You will be able to audition almost all the hifi products here in Delhi now namely Marantz, Rotel, NAD, Nakamichi, Krell etc...also you can get all the speakers here too.
Let me know your preference and I can tell you where to find them.

Rahul Pandit

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I would stick to 2 channel, if you want more quality. Quality over quantity is important in audio.

I would get a good amp, and good speakers from

What are you using now?

You seem to want dynamic music - you might want to get a more powerful amp - A krell is dynamic.


Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your comment. I would be interested in auditioning Rotel, Krell, Harman kardon and Denon at one place. Is there any showroom which can offer such a facility. Or may be one where I can audtion. Denon, Harman kardon, Onkyo and Yamaha.

Hi James,

Fully agree with you. Even I am thinking of dumping this whole idea of x.1 channels now. What I am currently thinking is -- I can get a reasonably good reciever about USD 600. Harman Kardon AVR4550, Yamaha RXV 450, Denon DHT-485DV, Onkyo TXR-701 are all in the same price range. Going by the degree of improvement in the recievers section with every extra dollar you put, I think it is better to have a mid-range reciever with reasonably good speakers than to have a high-end reciever with a poor speaker setup.

I also agree that, I may as well go for a 2 channel setup to begin with. I will be primarily using it for playing music. And for music, by and large, 2 channels is still the standard. This way I can add speakers and expand my system accordingly when I have more money as the reciever will be supporting it from the day 1.

<b>Ranjeet Rain</i>

Dynamic bit, yes, I do want dynamic sound. A question out of no where. What factor affects the dynamism of the sound? Is it the speaker? Or is it the reciever? I most certainly dont want flat sound. Even my current setup (a total of 210 wrms setup with a 60 wrms 5 1/4 inch long throw sub from AKAI and two 60 wrms front speakers each from Philips) is good enough where as dynamism and the sound stage is concerned. The only thing my current setup lacks is, power. I need to put about 200 wrms of continuous power in front speakers and a sub capable of about 200 wrms of continuous power. I need a sub with tight and deep bass which makes listening to Pop, New Age, Trance a joy. Somtimes I also listen to Country and Ballad, so the speakers better be able to perform well at low volume levels too.

Ranjeet Rain
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