X-80 messing with my budget


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It appears that my earlier attempts to go C320BEE-level budget have been thwarted after hearing the MF X-80. Although I have managed to track it down for less than half the list price, the quality of sound it puts out makes me feel the need to get speakers that do it justice.

I listened to it with B&W DM600s and, although it sounded nice, they had to work very hard to deal with the dirty bass on Beck's Rental Car. So, I switched to Quad 11Ls and the difference was stunning - mainly the spacial effect and imaging.

So, my question is, can anyone recommend budget speakers (apparently hi-sensitivity 92dB-plus models work best) to go with the X-80? AC Aeigis EVO1s have relatively high sensitivity (89dB I think) for a low price - in fact more so than the Quads - but I haven't had chance to team them up with the amp yet. Or is the sensitivity thing a bit of a red herring? I will check out other amps, but I like the X-80 (which is the important bit) and I'd like to know just how good you think it is when compared to other amps in the £150-£600 range?

I may yet grit my teeth and go for the Quads, but it would be good if there were lower priced alternatives that would give the results I want i.e. a crisp clear sound with well rounded bass that would fill a small, solid and relatively bright apartment room with gutsy rock/heavy funk at most volumes, without annoying the hell out of the neighbours.


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i've just auditioned the following:
quad 11L
quad 12L
b&w 602
wharfedale diamond 9.1
jmlab chorus 714s
monitor audio bronze b2
paradigm mini monitor

my favourite is the quad 12L with the b&w 602 and the paradigm mini monitor coming in a not so close second. the 12L vocals sounded wonderful! i had goosebumps the first time i heard it. and they sounded fuller compared to the llL because of the better bass. according to the quad website, the 11L has a sensitivity of 86dB while the 12L has a sensitivity of 88dB, which should make it easier to drive with the mf x-80.

i've settled on getting the quad 12L and i'm thinking of teaming it with the musical fidelity x-80. problem is, where i am, i won't be able to audition this combination.

when you auditioned the quad 11L with the mf x-80, was the x-80 powerful enough for the 11L?
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