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I'm new to this group. I just moved into a house with whole-house audio. There are six pairs of ceiling speakers scattered throughout the house. I don't want a multi-zone configuration, just one input and 12 channels output.

My question is this: should I buy a 12 channel amplifier (expensive) or use a 2 channel amp and "speaker selector" box with 2-input/12-output?

By the way, does anyone know what's inside one of those speaker selector things? Is it just a big resistor to raise the impedance as seen by the amp? Could I build one myself?

Thanks for any advice.

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There are diffrent sorts of speaker selectors. Some use a lod resistor in series to raise the over all impedance and some use impedance matching autoformers. For the system you want, the proper choice would be an impedance matching selector.

I would advise a 12 channel amplifier for safety of the system and the ability to control more effctively what speakers are in use and at what levels. Volume controls should be placed on each pair of speakers for convenience.

You can find more information and recommendations by placing terms such as "wholehouse audio distribution" in a search engine.


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If you're not looking for multi zone functions, there's no need to pay the price for a 12 channel amp.

There should be volume controls in each room. If they're IM (impedance magnifying), then you won't need a selector box. Check them all and make sure they're set right. Standard VC's will require the selector.

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