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Onkyo 552 receiverTreeboy1
Home Theatre Set-Uparnie23
Component through scart??Snejk1
Samsung 46" DLP to Apex DVD playerMarty Piel1
Limited digital audio connectivity workarounds?Fitzchivalry4
Opinions on this home theater system??John Paganas4
ORB Mod 1 QuestionMarshall A1
Cables -- HELP!!Snejk10
Poor Picture on low channelsChris2
Advantage of connecting the component video cables through receiverjohnm2
Just installed system...cracklingRoss Cates1
Is this 'hard' connection conversion possible?Dr. Adam Schirmacher2
Add-in TV card for computer....Brian Boucher1
Methods to using same front speakers for HTS and 2 channel setupsdrugas1
Audio output questionBob Smith1
I can't get my TV's sound to work with home theater systemkay20
How should I position surrounds (7.1) in this room??Rick Crawford1
Help with Yamaha HTR5740 , Klipsch Quintet and SubAnonymous1
Suggestions neededChirag8
Home theater newbietherealelitefan2
Muti room or 2 zone receiver and wiring questionTom Porczynski1
Next question: TV audiosteve6
Where should my speakers go???MPH2
How can I set up this lot?MPH2
Speaker arrangement.MPH2
Trouble with component video cables while hooking up DVDPhilMan5
Front tower speaker placement questionChris5
Sub hookup w/o sub out on receiverjohnm8
Trying to get surround thru my speakersMatt Lewis Shock8
Which is better wire? #2Berny6
Pioneer xv-dv222auyaya1
Ordering HDTV on the InternetM T Chang2
We're in this together.....PhilMan27
Which center and surround speakers for Polk SDA-1M T Chang1
Ceiling mounted speakers - good or bad?PhilMan3
Best use of old speakers and $500 new componentsPeter Forbes3
Looking for wiring diagramsCory skoda8
In wall speaker suggestionsPeter Vermilyea3
RCA+component videoRyan Sikorski1
Looking for advice...omnipolars vs directAlyson Kim1
Speaker Insulation?Cory2
AV Recievers are from Mars, Subs are from Venus. Me? Earth.Berny2
Center channel questionDream Theater1
Help! New TV!Perry4
LINN \ NAD problemspz1
Componet video cablesChristopher Vendemio3
What is a subwoofer supposed to sound like??ydnarb frester1
Compact silver center channelDream Theater1
Traditional Cable and non-HDTV with ReceiverPhilMan2
Need help with setup!fran1
Help / opinions needed with choice of equipmentSunSeaker1
Picture sizesBerny2
What should I upgrade next-what is wrong with my setup? pz1
Tv audio to Surround sound, No audio out. Is this possible?Bob Garret1
Bose cubes with Pioneer RecieverLarry Austin1
Wall or ceiling?PhilMan4
DD5.1 QuestionPhilMan6
Decision for the newbiePhilMan2
Sony DVD, Sony Home Theater, Sony TV, Satellite, Hitachi VCR setup ...Sid Sakus2
Connecting cable TV to home theaterPhilMan2
Hooking TV so sound comes through home theater systemPhilMan3
All speakers without "surround sound"Berny7
DVD connectionsMike Larson2
Switch Input through receiver or TV?Jeff Young1
Weird sound from rear speakers in surround modePhilMan6
Help with C-Band Sat, DirecTV, Onkyo HT-S770GaryH1
HELP! What cables do I need?Berny4
How do i watch TV via my home cinema systemJOHN GLOVER1
Help needed connecting Home Cinema System/DVD player to TV, VCR and...Oliver Victor-Smith1
5.1 Channel Analog vs digital outputBerny2
Can i hook up my htib to dish network if i have the dual...PhilMan2
Home Theater SuggestionsKorndawg1
DVI-D poor videoTodd Sarazine1
Good center channel?Jeremy Salda1
FINAL speaker wire question..Blair1
ANSWER ME!! speaker wireBerny3
Rewiring my 5.1 Acoutimass into stereo (using 4 cubes)hahahahha3
How do i connect sky to my home theater (dvd in home theater)nile2
4.1 Surround Sound with PS2/TVAnonymous1
Find this in Canada? PLZ! (Hard)blair1
Which is better wire?blair1
Help with speaker wireBlair1
I need help with an optic audio switch 3xblair1
Onkyo 770..dvd selectionlazarus22972
Need to pick one- Yamaha RX-V350 OR Sony STR-DE897Vairavel Chandraseka3
Upgrading a Home Theater Sound SystemTim Sampolesi5
HELP!!! 5.1 Recievers with lots of inputsTheater Guy2
Need help placing 7.1 speakersChris Sokolowski1
Sony Home Theater System with Multi-zone systemMike Johnston1
Speaker CablesBerny2
How to hook up dvd, dvd-r, vcr?Gary Grinstead1
Specific questions on new home theater setup / cables - any help ap...Berny2
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