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Wisdom Audio Sage Series Establishes New In-Wall Speaker Performance Benchmark

Combining Proprietary Transducers, Active Bi-Amplification and Crossovers, Audyssey™ MultEQ XT Software, and Innovative In-Wall Speaker Mounting Solutions Sets the Sage Series Apart from the Competition within the High Performance In-Wall Speaker Category

Wisdom Audio (, the leader in planar magnetic technologies with more than 85 years on-staff experience, has established a new benchmark for in-wall speaker performance with the recently launched Sage Series, which will be featured at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, Nev. from Jan 7-10 at The Venetian, booth 30-235.

“Combining proprietary transducers, an active bi-amplification and crossover network, Audyssey™ MultEQ XT software, an innovative in-wall speaker mounting solution, and state-of-the-art thin film, planar magnetic drivers sets our Sage Series apart from the competition within the high performance in-wall speaker category,” explained Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio president. “Every aspect of the Sage Series design was scrutinized in order to deliver the best in-wall option the market has ever seen. If an in-wall or on-wall installation is not an option, the Sage Series’ small footprint gives the customer a welcoming in-room solution, as well.”

Wisdom’s new planar magnetic transducers yield a dramatic leap forward in performance, reliability, and available installation solutions compared with traditional and even other high performance proprietary designs. Thermal failures have virtually been eliminated from the line’s planar magnetic, thin film drivers while the resulting performance characteristics have never before been seen in such a narrow, shallow in-wall, on-wall, or in-room cabinet design. Lifelike dynamic range, higher achievable SPLs, outstanding clarity, reduced coloration, and controlled directivity are all part of the Sage Series new in-wall performance package.

Wisdom Audio’s SC-1 System Controller is a major contributor to Sage’s in-wall performance characteristics. Boasting a 7.3 in/14.3 out electronic crossover and acoustic room correction incorporating Audyssey MultEQ XT software, it also includes selectable RS-232 operable memory settings for optimized acoustic performance in varied music and film environments. A PC-based installation application configures the SC-1 for a particular complement of speakers in a given installation.

When installed by a professional installer using Audyssey MultEQ Pro software, the Sage Series in-wall solution has the capability to deliver audiophile quality sound in an unprecedented variety of acoustical environments. Audyssey MultEQ XT is the first technology to properly measure sound information throughout a listening area, and then analyzes this data to accurately represent the acoustical problems in the particular room. Based on these measurements, MultEQ XT calculates an equalization solution that corrects for both time and frequency response problems in every listening position. MultEQ Pro takes up to 32 measurements around the listening area and uses high resolution equalization filters for both satellites and subwoofers.

“Wisdom Audio’s ultimate desire when designing the Sage Series was to create an involving and realistic musical experience for the listener in an unassuming, convenient, yet versatile and attractive package,” Glazier continued. “In order to deliver that performance, we have incorporated a bi-amplified system as it provides numerous advantages over a passive or single amplified system. To ensure optimal in-room low frequency response, the bi-amplified system includes dedicated low frequency amplifiers for the custom designed, high excursion woofers in both the full range speakers and subwoofer. Respectively, these amplifiers are the SA-3 (3 x 500W), SA-2 (2 x 500W) for the woofer sections of the full range speakers and the SA-1 (1000W) for the subwoofer. As a result, the headroom in both the high and low frequencies is increased, brought out in beautiful detail by the system’s new planar magnetic thin film drivers and high performance woofers that allow for its narrow and shallow physical characteristics.”

So as to not compromise the structural integrity of the wall due to speaker vibration and humidity, each in-wall system is installed not with the usual dog toggle mounting configuration of most in-wall speakers. It is instead installed utilizing all-metal extrusion cabinets and driver baffles for both the in-wall and on-wall applications, and with innovative ‘Uni-Grip™’ technology specific to the in-wall solution that provides a sonically superior, rigid aluminum frame that actually reinforces the strength of the wall. Additionally, the paintable grill extends only 1/8 inch from the wall so it is unobtrusive, an aesthetic feature most people want when choosing a high performance in-wall speaker solution.

“Wisdom is designing each in-wall system from the ground up and not leaving the mounting solution to chance,” Glazier added. “The mounting solution is not for convenience only, but also adds to the total performance package of the speaker itself. Our state-of-the-art cabinet and enclosure designs are designed to ensure each Wisdom in-wall speaker performs as it was intended, and doesn’t let its performance be dictated by the environmental limitations of the original home’s design.”

Initially, Wisdom Audio will bring to market five speaker configurations, ranging from 20 inches to 75 inches tall, each available as an in-wall, on-wall, or freestanding solution. Multiple center channels and a dual woofer in-wall sub enclosure round out the new product offerings.

“The Sage Series in-wall configured enclosures represent a leap forward in installed speaker cabinet design,” Glazier concluded. “Coupled with Audyssey Laboratories™ room correction software, our new drivers and associated electronics, dealers and installers will have an entirely new performance-driven in-wall solution for their customer base. These systems have to be heard to be believed.”

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For more information, please visit or call (775) 887-8850.

About Wisdom Audio
Wisdom Audio is the leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance planar-magnetic drivers and hybrid loudspeaker systems, with more than 85 man years experience on staff. Wisdom Audio founder Tom Bohlender, previously a founder of loudspeaker company Bohlender Graebener Corporation and a pioneer in planar transducer design, launched Wisdom Audio in 1996 to create no-compromise planar loudspeaker systems for the most demanding and critical audiophiles. Wisdom Audio systems employ proprietary, custom-made planar and dynamic transducers optimized for high-performance, high-end audio reproduction applications. Its hybrid-technology systems have earned praise from the specialized media, earning them the coveted “Golden Ear” award from The Absolute Sound while satisfying a growing base of customers and dealers worldwide.

Wisdom Audio’s line of planar-hybrid loudspeaker solutions range from the Sage Series architectural products that include the world’s most advanced in-wall speaker systems and culminate with the flagship Infinite Wisdom Grande, among the world’s most expensive home loudspeaker systems. Wisdom Audio products are handcrafted in limited quantities by specialized craftsmen at its headquarters in Carson City, Nevada.

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