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VizionWare Introduces Innovative Accessory Products

Hi-Wirez New Line of Accessories Provides Solutions to Challenges Faced by Top Installation Professionals

AUSTIN, TX — September 3, 2007 — VizionWare, the designer and manufacture of Hi-Wirez , the industry’s most advanced active digital interconnects, is proud to introduce several new accessory products, including HDMI and DVI Swivel Adaptors, HDMI Connector Locking Mounts and Heavy Duty Cable Pull Through Socks. Working closely with custom installers, VizionWare understands the challenges they confront every day and has developed this line of innovative accessories to ease the installation process.

“As cutting edge digital technologies continue to evolve, custom installations become more and more challenging,” said Ben Jamison, vice president of sales and marketing for VizionWare. “We are focused on the needs of the custom installer. Whether the installation is commercial or residential, VizionWare’s products are designed to make the installer’s job easier and more profitable.”

HDMI and DVI Swivel Adaptors
Depending on the rigidity of the individual cable, the cable bend radius can require two to three inches of clearance. To address this issue VizionWare has designed HDMI and DVI Swivel Adaptors that rotate 170 degrees on both the X and Y axes minimizing the space required and making for a much cleaner installation without stress on the cables in applications such as wall-mounted flat panels or projectors with connector panels inside the outer case. These adaptors are available in HDMI-to-HDMI and HDMI-to-DVI configurations.

HDMI Connector Locking Mount
Designed to work with VizionWare’s HDMI products, this locking mount firmly secures the HDMI cable into the connector input/output to virtually eliminate connection related failures and associated costly, disruptive service calls.

Heavy Duty Cable Pull-Through Socks
These sturdy pull socks are designed to protect VizionWare’s HDMI and DVI connectors when pulled through walls and conduits. They also help maintain cable integrity during installation and are included at no cost with all VizionWare interconnect products 10 meters and longer.

Hi-Wirez Advanced Technology
Hi-Wirez takes a radically different approach to video cabling that combines several revolutionary active digital technologies – such as Image Enhancement, Signal Balancing, Digital Signal Conditioning, and Enhanced Transmission Technology – embedded into silicon chips that are designed to provide unparalleled video performance. By embedding these chips into both the transmitting and receiving ends, Hi-Wirez provides a completely protected end-to-end link between the source and the display device. The proprietary, patent-pending technologies built into every Hi-Wirez cable result in:

• Superior Picture Quality
• Maximum Speed and Compatibility
• Transmission Enhancement
• Signal Balancing
• Extended Cable Reach and Lower Installation Cost
• Installation Flexibility
• Maximum Reliability

Hi-Wirez HDMI cables are available in 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 30-meter lengths and are much lighter, less rigid, and less bulky than traditional HDMI cables, making them easier to install in today’s complex installation environments. Their ability to dramatically reduce EMI emissions and to resist interference generated by external sources allows more location options and increased reliability in wiring runs of all lengths.

Hi-Wirez digital interconnects do not require intermediate signal boosters like many of today’s competitive cable products, eliminating the need for installers to plan for and install these sometimes costly yet only marginally effective accessories into the cable path. Hi-Wirez advanced digital interconnects simply deliver the best High-Definition performance available.

Talking Points
• VizionWare has created the industry’s most advanced, HDMI and DVI active digital interconnects, called Hi-Wirez.
• VizionWare understands the challenges and needs that are faced in the industry and has developed a line of accessories, to ease the installation process.
• VizionWare introduces several new products including HDMI and DVI Swivel Adaptors, HDMI Connector Locking Mounts and Heavy Duty Cable Pull Through Socks.
HDMI and DVI Swivel Adaptors rotate 170 degrees in both the X and Y direction to allow HDMI and DVI cables to work better in tight places
• The HDMI Connector Locking Mount is designed to firmly lock the HDMI cable into the connector input/output to virtually eliminate connection related failures.
Heavy Duty Cable Pull-Through Socks are designed to protect VizionWare’s HDMI and DVI connectors when pulled through walls and conduits.

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About VizionWare
VizionWare has developed and applied a patented core silicon technology to create a complete family of next generation digital interconnect products. The company’s award-winning digital technology delivers numerous unique technological advances – including image enhancing circuitry, signal balancing, enhanced transmission technology between the source and sink cable ends – leading to unprecedented improvements to HDMI and DVI digital interconnect cables and adapters. These key advances overcome the limitations of passive analog and pseudo-active cables, enhancing transmission between the source and sink cable ends and lowering EMI radiation and interference with other wired and wireless connections, while delivering theater quality signals to the display independent of cable length.

For more information about VizionWare and its innovative products, please visit or call 512-493-9660.

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