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SVS SB-1000 and PB-1000 Subwoofers

SVS SB-1000 and PB-1000 Subwoofers

SVS just introduced two 300-watt powered subwoofers, each priced at $499. The PB-1000 is the larger-sized of the two and offers a 10-inch driver in a ported enclosure. While the smaller SB-1000 uses a 12-inch driver in a sealed enclosure. SVS says the budget subs will outperform models costing two to three times as much.

The compact SB-1000 is designed for consumers wanting a less intrusive box, while the PB-1000 maximizes performance for the price. Either should produce deep, accurate bass in any size room. Although I would expect the ported PB-1000 model to play louder due to its larger size and design.

SVS SB-1000 - back

The SB-1000 (above) offers a 13”x13”x13” sealed cabinet with a front-firing 12” driver with dual high-grade ferrite magnets and FEA-optimized internal motor technology for high output with extremely low distortion. The lightweight cone material of the long-stroke driver reproduces subtle audio tones with lifelike realism, making the SB-1000 a perfect option for serious music lovers. A unique vented pole piece and efficient high-power voice coil keep the SB-1000 cool without impacting performance or adding noise. Durable rubber surrounds also ensure long-lasting performance, even when the subwoofer is pushed to its performance limits for extended periods of time. Weighing in at an easily movable 27 lbs, the SB-1000 is SVS’s lightest and smallest subwoofer, making its 24Hz to 260Hz (+/- 3dB) frequency response all the more impressive.

SVS PB-1000 - back

Weighing 46 lbs with dimensions of 18.4”x15”x18.4”, the PB-1000 (above) offers a breakthrough value for low frequency performance with a front-firing 10” driver and 3.5” high-flow port with inner/outer port flares. Deep bass extension and output is between 19 Hz and 270Hz (+/- 3dB) thanks to carefully selected components optimized for maximum efficiency and low-frequency punch with almost no distortion.

Driving the SB-1000 and PB-1000 subwoofers is an integrated SVS Sledge STA-300D amplifier with sophisticated DSPs perfectly matched to each unique driver and cabinet configuration, and an equalization curve optimized for enhanced transient response and room gain. Conservatively rated at 300 watts (700 watts peak dynamic), this amp allows precise control of the subwoofer at all levels to allow fine tuning of audio playback and easy set-up and integration into any home theater or stereo system.

Both the SB-1000 and PB-1000 subwoofers feature a stylish premium black ash finish with curved edges and a black cloth grille. For connection options, stereo line-level RCA inputs and 80Hz high pass filtered output connections, as well as speaker level five-way binding post input connections, are available.

Price and Availability
Both subs are available now and include a 45-day in-home trial for worry-free evaluation.

  • SVS SB-1000 300 Watt DSP Controlled, 12″ Ultra Compact Sealed Subwoofer. $499< /li>
  • SVS PB-1000 300 Watt DSP Controlled, 10″ Ported Subwoofer. $499

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