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Soundsmith Unveils New Range of Phono Cartridges & Components: High-End Munich 2023

Peter Ledermann and Soundsmith return to High-End Munich 2023 with some very interesting new phono cartridges and phono preamps.

Soundsmith Hyperion MK II MR

Soundsmith‘s Peter Ledermann is a truly fascinating man; he’s also a mensch with a huge heart and someone who has done a lot of charitable things behind the scenes within the audiophile world. Spending your hard-earned money with him should make you feel good. Many of us have driven to his factory in the Hudson Valley for cartridge repairs and you always leave with a lot more than just your cartridge.

Peter opened the Soundsmith repair center for high end audio in 1969 at Audio Experts in White Plains, New York, and taught audio engineering and service as he has done continuously for more than 50 years. The company relocated to Peekskill and it is well worth the time on the road to make the trip if you live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Vermont.

Do you own an older Bang & Olufsen Turntable and need a cartridge repaired?

Call Peter Ledermann.

Are you looking for a very high-end phono cartridge that will elevate the sound of your vinyl playback? Call Peter Ledermann.

Soundsmith does things very differently and it would be a mistake to consider them nothing more than a phono cartridge manufacturer.

Not only do they offer superb cartridge repair and retipping for a very wide range of brands, but they make some of the best in the business. Ledermann also offers phono preamplifiers, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers.

Soundsmith did not participate in the 2022 High-End Munich Show, but we are happy to see this innovative company back on the road where its cartridges can be demonstrated with some of the most exotic turntable systems in the world.

Peter Ledermann will be bringing a full Soundsmith system featuring Soundsmith amps, preamps, speakers, Hyperion and Strain Gauge cartridges and two STST tables adorned with Schroeder reference tonearms to the show.

High-End Munich 2023 will feature 8 new products from Soundsmith which attendees can find in Halle 3, Stand N06/P07.


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Mostube One

Soundsmith is proud to introduce the “MOSTUBE ONE” – a long lived solid state replacement for the most popular power vacuum tubes. Many years of development have resulted in this device, featuring extreme stability, automatic matching, no adjustment required, “tube” like sonics (2nd order products) with an automatic 30-50% power increase for your amplifier. Replaces the 6550, KT66 through KT150, EL34, 6L6 and more. No more wondering if your power tubes are failing due to age, or damage to your amplifier from internal tube failure.

Transimpedance Preamp MCP-5

Soundsmith MCP-5 Phono Preamplifier

Soundsmith’s NEW MCP-5 Transimpedance Preamp features ultra-clean sound from this transformer-less design, featuring their unique continuously variable gain from 60 to 80dB. The new MCP-5 also boasts the industry’s lowest noise floor possible from a high gain transformer-less design. Gone is the variable “hit and miss” effort in wondering if your step up transformer is the right one for matching to your cartridge, or the potential degradation from ringing and non-linearity found in some transformer designs.

Hyperion and Sussurro TI Cartridges

Hyperion Sussuro TI

To complement their MCP-5 and other industry Transimpedance phono preamp designs, Soundsmith’s new TI compatible Hyperion MKII-ES-TI and Sussurro MKII-ES-TI models are now available. Many dealers who sell TI preamps have become aware that not all cartridges are compatible with these unique phono preamps. Now the wondering is gone with Soundsmith’s two new models.

Soundsmith IROX Unbreakable Cartridges

Soundsmith IROX Blue and IROX Ultimate Cartridges

They are finally here. Soundsmith’s new IROX BLUE-ES and IROX ULTIMATE-ES “Unbreakable” cartridges with enhanced performance. Now for the first time, no compromise needs to be made when you need an unbreakable cartridge for rugged use. No, the cleaning service can’t destroy it with a cleaning rag. No, the kids can’t break it either. The world’s first high performance no “oops” cartridge. From Soundsmith. Who else?

Signature Series Strain Gauge Breakthrough!

Soundsmith Signature Strain Gang

Another Soundsmith breakthrough. Our world class Strain Gauge systems have passed into another realm of quiet. Due to a novel NEW design of Strain Gauges invented here at Soundsmith along with a new preamp design, their Signature Series models now boasts an additional 21dB of reduced noise

Soundsmith “Hyperion MR” Cartridge

Soundsmith Hyperion MK II MR

Soundsmith has developed a unique version of its highly praised Hyperion cartridge – one featuring not only additionally reduced internal moving mass but now a “Micro-Ridge” stylus –A novel stylus design that unusually maintains its response and play performance throughout its normal wear lifetime. Each one hand made by Soundsmith’s chief engineer, Peter Ledermann. Wear it out or destroy it by accident? Need a Rebuild? $950 always – Less than 10% of the MSRP

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  1. nj

    May 11, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    love my zephyr it has made my whole lp collection sound fantastic. I am especially pleased with the sound of older lps. So much more music but somehow LESS noise.

    • Ian White

      May 11, 2023 at 8:30 pm


      Zephyr II has been on my list of carts to try for like 2 years.

      Ian White

      • Louis Sipes

        July 1, 2023 at 2:11 am

        I had been saving for a Zephyr after a buddy raved about it, and happened on a Voice fresh back from rebuild fir the same price. You her people say things like piano and percussion sound more real?…’s not hyperbole😊

        • Ian White

          July 2, 2023 at 7:02 pm


          Peter is a great person and he does make fantastic cartridges.


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