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Sony X-Series Wireless Speakers are Portable and Designed to Go With You

For 2022, Sony has three new portable Bluetooth speakers that are rugged and waterproof priced from $130 to $350.

Sony X-Series Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2022

There are lots of wireless portable bluetooth speakers to choose from. We have reported on key offerings from Sonos, JBL, Ultimate Ears, DALI, and Bose. Do Sony’s new SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300, and SRS-XE200 offer what you are looking for? Check out the details. 

What’s in Common?

Although Sony’s 2022 X-Series arrive in small, medium and large sizes, they share a lot in common. Here is what you will find on all three speakers. 

  • Bluetooth: All Three speakers incorporate direct wireless streaming via Bluetooth ver 5.2 
  • X-Balanced Speaker Drivers: Sony incorporates two X-balanced (rectangular) speakers within the speaker housing. The rectangular shape increases effective diaphragm size and reduces the amount of in-out motion needed to produce sound, which is desirable inside of a small or portable speaker. 
Comparison of Regular vs. X-Balanced Speaker Drivers
  • Dual Passive Radiators: This produces punchier bass with less distortion. This results in high-quality sound and powerful sound pressure levels that will keep the energy going. 
  • Inputs: In  addition to Bluetooth, you can connect a compatible player via the provided 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack
  • Music Center App: Optimize audio settings, select playlist, cue the next song, and more. The Music Center App is available for Android and iOS
  • Stereo Pair: Listeners can connect two speakers wirelessly for true stereo sound. 
  • Party Connect: Listeners can combine up to 100 compatible wireless speakers via Bluetooth and sync music all over the house. 

Tip: Stereo Pair and Party Connect can be activated with the Sony Music Center app.

  • Firestable App: Access fun features like making party playlists, karaoke, and so much more. Available for Android and iOS.
  • Echo Cancelling: Users can make phone calls through the X-series speakers allowing two people to talk at the same time without cutting either of them off. The SRS-XE300 and SRS XE200 also include a Mic Mute button.
  • USB Power: Physically connect your smartphone for power or charging when needed. 
  • Rechargeable Battery:
    • The SRS-XG300 offers up to 25 hours of play
    • The SRS-XE300 offers up to 24 hours of play
    • The SRS-XE200 offers up to 16 hours of play
  • All three speakers include Quick Charging which provides up to 70 minutes of play time from a 10-minute charge.


Sony SRS-XG300 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Sony SRS-XG300 (largest)

The Sony SRS-XG300 ($350) is the “flagship” of this X-Series speaker line. Here are some of the additional features it offers.

  • Tweeter: In addition to X-balanced speakers and passive radiators, the XG300 includes integrated front-mounted tweeters for improved highs. 
  • MEGA BASS: To the most bass from a small package, the MEGA BASS button puts more emphasis on lower frequencies so you can feel the beat. 
  • Ambient Illumination: For those that prefer their party with some added color, listeners can switch on the SRS-XG300’s ambient illumination that synchronizes the speaker’s lighting to the beat of the music.
  • Retractable Handle: SRS-XG300 comes with a retractable handle that makes it easier to carry around. Additionally, with the handle down, the speaker matches any interior.

SRS-XE300 & SRS-XE200

Sony SRS-XE300 Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Sony SRS-XE300 (medium)

Here are features that you will find on the Sony SRS-XE300 ($200) and SRS-XE200 ($130) speakers that are different from the SRS-XG300.

  • Line-Shape Diffuser Technology: This speaker arrangement borrows from how professional venues arrange speakers only on a much smaller scale. The line array distributes sound evenly through a narrow aperture, reaching wider and further so the listener’s friends in the same location can dance to the same favorite tracks being played, all while enjoying the same high sound quality.
Speaker Line Array Example

Tip: To get the best results from Line Diffuser Technology, Sony recommends setting the speaker up vertically. 

  • Convenient Sound: Despite their smaller size, the SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 pack in big sound, making them the perfect companions while exploring the outdoors. The SRS-XE200 also comes with a handy strap, so it’s always there ready to play one’s favorite tracks at the touch of a button.
  • Shock Tested: SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 have been tested to withstand the types of knocks, bumps, and scrapes that come with everyday use.
  • Battery Care: Users don’t have to worry about over-charging. For the SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200, this feature can be turned on through the Sony Music Center app.
  • Ambient Noise Sensing: The SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 also offer mic sensing technology that analyzes ambient noise and helps save battery when used outside.
Sony SRS-XE200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Sony SRS-XE200 (smallest)


Battery Life16 hrs24 hrs25 hrs
Weight1.8 lbs (800g)2.9 lbs (1.3kg)6.6 lbs (3kg)

Pricing and Availability

Tip: Products ship beginning July 15, 2022

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