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+Audio Unveils +Record Player Special Edition White System

The ultimate dorm room hi-fi system? The +Audio +Record Player Special Edition White delivers quite the punch and wireless connectivity.

+Audio Record Player Special Edition White

Audiophiles are likely to turn their collective noses up at the mere mention of a product like the +Audio +Record Player Special Edition White system, but that would be a huge mistake.

Could one assemble a better sounding system consisting of separates for $1,995.95 USD?


But with everything in one very compact and well designed component which includes a Pro-Ject turntable and Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge?

+Audio Record Player Special Edition White with lid open

Not so fast.

Space matters to people.

Being able to listen to vinyl and stream from Spotify, TIDAL, and Qobuz also matters. Not having to spend additional money on cables is a huge plus.

Andover Audio is another company that has done a great job in this category and they can barely keep up with demand. We’ve have advanced previews of what is coming next from them and it’s clear that there is a market for high performance lifestyle systems like this.

With the resurgence in vinyl record listening and collecting, not only have quality turntables made a comeback, but the “record player” concept has returned with several companies, such as Victrola, elevating this product category for more serious music listeners. 

At its core, the +Record Player Special Edition White is an all-in-one music system with a turntable and cartridge, additional source connectivity, bi-directional bluetooth, and a two-channel stereo system. However, there is more to the story. 


The +Record Player Special Edition White features retro styling that includes an uncluttered front panel and a brushed aluminum finish with a fabric speaker grill that gives it a fresh contemporary look.

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Turntable System

Here are highlights of the turntable system incorporated into the +Record Player Special Edition White. 

  • Pro-Ject Belt-Drive Turntable with Aluminum tonearm  (specific model information not provided)
  • 24 Pole Synchronous Motor with Crystal Stabilized Digital Electronic Speed Controller
  • Electronic 33/45 RPM Speed Selection

Source Options 

Although the main feature is 33/45 rpm vinyl record playback, the +Record Player includes other source options including Bluetooth to stream music from smart devices, digital optical input for CD players, TVs, and other compatible playback devices, and a USB input/output play back music files to rip vinyl to a MAC or PC.   

Tip: A 5V USB output can power a Chromecast, Echo Dot, (or Airport Express if you still have one).

+Audio Record Player Front Controls

Audio System

The +Record player incorporates a 2-Way Bi-Amplified Speaker System with Feedback Cancelling Architecture. This system delivers the frequency range and clarity usually found only in separate, higher-end component systems.

Tip: The Audio system includes a Wide Mode that expands the soundstage beyond the built-in physical limitations of the built-in speaker system.

Front Panel Controls

+Audio Record Player Front Controls
  • Power Button
  • Input (USB, Optical, Phono, Aux, Line) and 33/45 RPM Select
  • Vol -/+  and Mute
  • Wide Mode On/Off 
  • Bluetooth Mode 

Tip: A wireless remote control is also provided. 


+Audio Record Player Rear Connections
  • Rear: USB-A (5V) Charge/Power Port, USB PC Input/Out, Digital Optical Input, Aux Input (RCA), AC Power Connector, and Line (Pre-Amp) Output.
  • Front: Aux Input, Headphone Jack

Tip: The Line (Pre-amp) output can be used to connect the +Record Player to a more powerful external two-channel amplifier, audio system, or a pair of powered speakers.. 


  • Speakers: Two High-Excursion 3.5-inch Woofers and two 1-inch Soft-Dome Tweeters. As mentioned previously, the speaker system is bi-amplified.
  • Amplififier Type: Class D 
  • Power Output: 100W Maximum Power (2x35W) + (2x15W)
  • Audio Processing: Double-Precision DSP
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: >100dB 
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.9 x 8.5 in (446 x 352 x 215 mm)
  • Weight: 33lbs/15Kgs 
+Audio Record Player Stand White

Availability and Pricing

The +Record Player Special Edition is available directly from +Audio in White and sells for $1,999 including tax and shipping. 

It can also be ordered as The +RP System Special Edition with a matching stand with vinyl storage that will position +The Record Player at the right height and space in the room for $2,300. 

There are also additional variations of the +Record Player available through +Audio.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    September 22, 2022 at 11:46 am

    As a cultured Philistine of Hi Fi, I already own two Spinbase setups in our home, have given one to our daughter and her family and have a fourth Spinbase I am bringing to my older brother and his wonderful winsome wife (a minor touch of alliteration!) another spinbase and a bunch of Denon stuff this October.

    I received word of Andover’s newest setup and immediately wrote them with a tiny Word O’ Wisdom.


    As for this setup by +Audio? Imitation is the SINcerest form of ripoff…Just ax Harley-Davidson. I am certain +Audio is a nice company but I have become quite enamored of Andover Audio and having exchanged more than a few emails with folk that work there, I have become if not friends, then at least no frenemies with them. I have a habit (no…Not the one that Nuns wear) of getting to know people that I purchase items from. Grace Digital is another such company that I have even been allowed out to visit!

    Perhaps I will one day look into +Audio’s stuff. For now I will remain satisfied with what I have. Andover Audio. Thank you for this look at +Audio’s stuff. It is nice looking.

    ORT The Totalitarian Terror of Tiny Town

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