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Pro-Ject Launches Turntable Collab With Metallica: High-End Munich 2022

The Pro-Ject Metallica Limited Edition Turntable might be the “One” for fans of the iconic heavy metal band this summer.

Pro-Ject Metallica Limited Edition Turntable with Logo

Branded turntable collaborations often fall flat because they can feel like nothing more than the application of a cheap paint job or set of stickers; the participants are often just trying to capitalize on their fanbase who feel so much nostalgia for their favorite artist that they will buy anything with their name on it.

This collaboration between Pro-Ject and Metallica might be the prime example of how to do this the right way and create something that not only looks fantastic — but sounds great as well.

Pro-Ject Metallica Limited Edition Turntable Front

Metallica chose Pro-Ject as their partner to collaborate on the Metallica-themed turntable, continuing the brand’s proud tradition of collaborations with artists. Pro-Ject’s design team treated the surface of the new turntable with a mirror-finished metal logo contour to give the player its distinctive look, a bold aesthetic that resonates with the iconic rock band. 

Sumiko and Pro-Ject USA are thrilled to preview the new special-edition
Metallica artist series turntable, designed and handmade in Europe.

Pro-Ject Metallica Limited Edition Turntable Tonearm

The S-shaped tonearm is fitted with a detachable headshell to allow quick cartridge changes, includes a factory installed and aligned Pro-Ject
Pick it S2 C cartridge.

Tracking force, anti-skating and VTA are all adjustable to offer flexibility and position the Metallica Limited Edition Turntable as a true audiophile investment.

Pro-Ject Metallica Limited Edition Turntable Platter


  • 8.6” S-shape aluminum tonearm
  • VTA, tracking force & anti-skating are all fully adjustable
  • Heavy MDF plinth in unique Metallica design
  • Mirror finished metal top plate
  • Heavy glass platter
  • Aluminum sub platter
  • Metal drive pulley
  • Height-adjustable metal feet
  • Electronic speed switch
  • Precision belt drive with electronic speed control
  • Premium semi-symmetrical phono cable with integrated grounding wire
  • Gold plated RCA connectors
Pro-Ject Metallica Limited Edition Turntable Top

Price & Availability

The Metallica Turntable will be available for $1,599 USD in limited quantities through select Authorized Pro-Ject Audio Systems retailers beginning Summer 2022.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    May 19, 2022 at 8:42 am

    I am a Pro-Ject enthusiast and wish to buy another of their turntables and have been saving for the Automat A1 because I like automatic turntables and I like Pro-Ject turntables.

    I like The Beatles. A LOT! I do not how ever care much for Pro-Ject’s “Yellow Submarine” turntable. I have the Essential based 50th Anniversary Drum Kit Sgt. Pepper’s ‘table because:

    The ‘table LOOKS like a turntable, i.e., classic and yet still able to pay homage to the Fab Four with out looking Drab ‘n’ Dour. Or just plain weird.

    While I have never been much of a Metallica kind of toad, I can under stand those that are. I am more inclined toward Led Zeppelin and ELP (and by some association, King Crimson!) and of those two bands perhaps an acrylic platter atop H.R. Giger’s signature artwork from their superb album, “Brain Salad Surgery” is best suited for Pro-Ject to produce a turntable worthy of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer. What to do for a Zeppelin influenced ‘table I am uncertain of but I do think their music is vastly superior to any thing Metallica ever did but again, I am far from having much, if any, interest in Metallica’s music.

    For fans of the band in particular and the genre in general, this player might well be much sought after. It does seem a bit pricey but again I am not acolyte of the group.

    I do how ever, pray to the gods that Pro-Ject NEVER sees fit to pay homage and obeisance to that hideous harpy, Yoko Ono. One can only imagine a turntable that even the creature from “Aliens” would find too horrid to look upon, much less listen to any thing it has ever “sung”.

    And so this pretentious pollywog signs off saying, not my cup o’ Joe, but that does not make it a Keurig Katastrophe for fans of the semi seminal Heavy Metal group.



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