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Online Mobile Phone Messaging


All customers can send and receive sms messages using WEB SMS, EMAIL SMS and SERVER SMS.


Advanced email to sms service
Works from ANY authorized email address worldwide
Any authorized email address works (Outlook, hotmail, yahoo, google etc.)
No set-up, configuration or software is required
Changes automated email alerts into sms messages
Ideal for websites or computer systems i.e.
number@webtext.comSMS message delivery guaranteed
Send or receive sms messages to or from individuals, groups or bulk lists
Immediate or scheduled of sms messages delivery
Messages are delivered worldwide within seconds
Dedicated (MSISDN) or shared mobile number for 2-way sms messages
Company branded 11-character sender ID for 1-way sms messages
High quality delivery sms service (SS7)
Mission critical sms service
7 day FREE trial

When you try our 7-day FREE trial or signup for our full service we will ask you for an email address. This email address is then automatically authorized to send sms messages via the WEBTEXT sms service. To send email sms to any mobile number worldwide just email you message to Example

Sms message can be sent from any email address that is authorized i.e. Outlook express, hotmail, yahoo, google etc. You can authorize additional email addresses by adding them via

Our email sms service requires no software or set-up. Once an email address has been authorized you can then use email to sms any message or send automated alerts to any mobile worldwide.

essaging service on the market today but don’t take our word for it – try our 7 day FREE trial now. is the ultimate online text messaging tool

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