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Mobile Internet / Video Usage Growing

TV’s share of their media minutes is lower, says Knowledge Networks cross-media study

New data from Knowledge Networks’ ongoing, single-source measurement of eight key media shows that 11% of the U.S. population now accesses mobile Internet or video weekly, and that these “early triers” are avid users of new and traditional media alike. They spend 30% more time with media than the general population (ages 12 to 64), and they also have higher incomes, travel on business regularly, and are more likely to have made an online purchase.

This marks the first time that mobile media has been included in the measurement for MultiMedia Mentor, which tracks use of eight media throughout the year – including simultaneous use and detailed profiles of respondent shopping, dining, and other characteristics. The service includes proprietary software (Media Scan; Media Mentor) that enables users to access the multiyear database and determine the most efficient ways to reach key targets with media plans.

The study shows that past-week users of mobile Internet or video spend 12% more time a day with TV than the general population – but its share of their total media time is lower (46% for mobile media users compared to 53% for gen-pop). The mobile media group also devotes 75% more time to Internet, which accounts for 26% of their media time (versus 20% for the full population). Mobile Internet/video users also spend more time with videogames than they do with newspapers and magazines combined.

Shares of Daily Media Time:
U.S. Population vs. Mobile Internet/Video Users

General population (12-64) Past-week mobile Internet/video users
Total time with media (minutes) 537 702
TV 53% 46%
Internet 20% 26%
Radio 18% 17%
Videogames 4% 5%
Newspapers 3% 2%
Magazines 2% 2%

Users of mobile Internet or video are also:

  • 55% more likely to earn $75,000 or more in the household (48% of mobile users vs. 31% for gen-pop)
  • 56% more likely to have bought online in past month (56% mobile users vs. 36% gen-pop)
  • 100%+ more likely to have traveled on business in past year (26% of mobile users vs. 11% gen-pop)
  • More likely to report they have a VISA (53% vs. 39%) or MasterCard (38% mobile vs. 27%)

The survey was administered via telephone to a random sample of 2,519 people in the U.S., ages 12 to 64. The margin of sampling error for population percentages is +/- 1% for the total U.S. and +/- 3% for past week mobile media users. The margin of sampling error for the total number of media minutes is +/- 3% for the total population and +/- 8% for past-week mobile media users.

For more information, contact David Stanton (Vice President, Marketing Communications) or (908) 497-8040.

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