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Loiminchay Audio Speakers at 2008 CES


Loiminchay Audio Speakers at 2008 CES

The Perfect Balance of Art and Science
A Ravishing Sense of Occasion

Visit Loiminchay at the Venetian Bassano 2705

December 26th, 2007 — Loiminchay Audio, manufacturers of luxuriously-crafted, extreme performance limited-edition speakers for the knowledgeable connoisseur introduce their startling product line at CES’08.

Loiminchay Audio speakers are artisan-crafted from carefully shaped solid layers of Birch MultiPly bored out and finished inside and out with sixteen coats of the finest lacquer available for a unique and exceptional appearance and finish.

Loiminchay speakers are designed in New York by Loiminchay’s owner Patrick Chu, and lovingly crafted in China. The dedicated teams in his atelier function together in harmonious workgroups, fusing the work of designers, engineers and craftspeople at the same location. Cabinetry takes up fully half the generous space with fine lacquering nearby. The electronics group is located close by the engineers and parts department; the wood-storage facility features temperature- and humidity-control systems. Everyone at Loiminchay Audio is a connoisseur in their field turning out gorgeous sounding, richly luxurious speakers.

The custom diamond tweeter and ceramic midrange of the 2-way stand-mounted Degas reveals that fluency of harmony, balance and proportion that connoisseurs crave. The added sense of venue provided by the bass module of the 3-way Chagall allows a deeper, more expressive and engaging naturalness to develop. The breathtaking Kandinsky features a unique 19-inch wooden horn mated to 10- and 12-inch moving-coil bass drivers for a simply incredible musical experience.

Loiminchay speakers rise to the emotional occasion each and every time you listen. Their exotic, sculptural shapes reveal an unheard-of level of build quality, complemented with the deep natural luster of clear lacquer, or a deep, rich piano lacquer finish. You may also order them custom-made in solid cherry.

Loiminchay’s perfect blend of art and science is illuminated by the unique balance of build quality, driver technology and silver internal wiring, crossover tuning, and ultimate care in matching these diverse elements.

Experience the Art of Performance with Loiminchay

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
— Edgar Degas

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It was said of Degas that his sheer energy, shimmering, nuanced movement, and flamboyantly layered coloring were seeking new means of expression. A detailed, rich, intimate viewpoint; you’ve just stumbled upon the scene.

The Degas
Loiminchay’s lustrously-finished stand-mounted monitor featuring a MultiPly sand-filled stand with binding posts conveniently set near the base. The speaker is built up of 30mm/~1.2 inch MultiPly Laminate with sturdy internal bracing and carries top-quality lamb’s wool filling. The stand is built up of 25mm/0.82-inch MultiPly and filled with sand on mounted on a solid-aluminum base-plate. The Degas delivers excellent bass down to 35Hz in moderate- to large-sized listening rooms of about 50 to 500 square feet.

The Degas features a 6.5-inch ceramic midrange driver and a sparkling 1″ diamond tweeter. Ordering the ceramic tweeter brings the response out to 27kHz, but ordering the recommended and entirely breathtaking diamond tweeter, response goes all the way out to 50kHz!

Either version of the Degas is easy to drive with 90db sensitivity at 8 ohms, and 150 watts of power handling. The Degas is single-wired with a silver wire internal harness with heavy-duty binding posts, and weighs about 90 lbs on its stand.

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”
— Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall’s inventive, colorful dreams floated lightly in the air; “Supernatural” pronounced Appolinaire. His art was always simple and compact, form and color, light and dark, luminous shadings of grays and blacks. “My art is an extravagant art, a flaming vermilion, a blue soul flooding over my paintings.”

The Degas is available on order in beautiful MultiClear lacquer finish at $15,000/pr, and in a piano lacquer finish for $17,000/pr. The Degas with Diamond Tweeter is $30,000 in clear, and $32,500 in piano lacquer finish. The integrated stand runs $15,000.

The Chagall
The Chagall goes the Degas one better with a beautifully engineered and luxuriously turned-out bass cabinet built up of MultiPly Laminate, mounting an 8-inch woofer in a 1-inch thick concrete board wrapped with high-quality leather for a remarkably steady, non-resonant driver platform. Inside the voluptuously-shaped cabinet is substantial bracing and premium lamb’s wool. The Chagall extends down to 28Hz, and 27kHz at the top with the ceramic tweeter, or once again a remarkable 50kHz on the highly recommended diamond tweeter. The larger Chagall is rated at 87dB sensitivity with 150 watts of power handling. It’s biwired-equipped with a silver internal harness, featuring an adjustable bass control. Their size puts them in your living room at around 150 lbs.

The Chagall is available on order in beautiful MultiClear lacquer finish at $35,000/pr, and in a piano lacquer finish for $40,000/pr. The Chagall equipped with the Diamond Tweeter is $48,500 in clear, and $53,500 in piano lacquer finish.

“There is no must in art because art is free.”
— Wassily Kandinsky

Kandinsky, a pioneer of abstraction, all colorful explosions and abstract forms longing for spiritual meaning. His visual language was all its own, filled with pure emotion, moving more deeply into abstraction and the inner self.

The Kandinsky
This exotic hybrid handles frequencies above 750Hz up to 27kHz with a gracefully-curved 19-inch wooden horn driven by a custom 2-inch beryllium high-compression driver. The bass unit carries both a special 10-inch midbass and 12-inch woofer with carefully time-aligned crossovers. The 12-inch driver is mounted on a 1-inch concrete plinth covered with fine leather. The Kandinsky goes down to 30Hz with 90dB efficiency at 8 ohms and 200 watt power handling, featuring a biwired silver internal wiring harness.

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The magnificent Kandinsky is available on order in beautiful MultiClear lacquer finish at $45,000/pr, and in a high gloss or matte piano lacquer finish for $51,500/pr. Ordering the Chagall custom-finished in solid cherry runs $75,000.

Loiminchay Build Qualities
The two-way Degas and three-way Chagall are ported moving-coil designs, their graceful hand-shaped cabinetry optimizing the port’s function; sound waves move smoothly around the cabinets avoiding diffraction effects. Both models are built up of painstakingly sculpted layers of 30mm-thick Birch MultiPly Laminate. The interior space of each speaker is then machined out, the driver holes opened, and substantial bracing added, resulting in a tremendously non-resonant “driver support structure”.

After finishing, the exterior and interior of each cabinet is given a full sixteen coats of lacquer. Build quality exceeds anything you’ve seen before. Focus on the smoothly-sculpted shape of the baffle. It’s not a mere add-on during manufacture, but rather shaped into the 30mm layers of Birch MultiPly Laminate as they’re built up. The woodworking is superb.

Each artisan-made speaker built from solid shaped layers of Birch MultiPly Laminate, bored out and finished inside and out with sixteen coats of the finest lacquer.

• Degas and Chagall
Custom diamond tweeters
Ceramic midrange drivers
8-inch woofer mounted in 1-inch thick leather-wrapped concrete board in MultiPly bass module of Chagall

• Kandinsky
19-inch horn with 2-inch custom beryllium high-compression driver
10-inch and 12-inch woofers in highly-braced MultiPly bass module
12-inch mounted on concrete leather-wrapped plinth

Loiminchay speaker systems reproduce the precise and the passionate: Glenn Gould caressing his master’s voice or Vladimir Horowitz in full expressive flight. Loiminchay will take you there, from extravagant flaming vermilion to pure abstract emotion.

Experience the Art of Performance.

Patrick Chu,
President Loiminchay Audio

Loiminchay • 46-39 Parsons Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11355
212.941.7488 •

For Reviews, Press Information and Photos Contact
Jonathan Scull • Scull Communications


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