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LG N Network LCD Monitor


31 Monitors Operate Simultaneously on One Computer

Bringing advanced networking and monitor technology to the business-to-business computing arena, LG Electronics is introducing new N+(plus) Network Monitors.

LG’s innovative N+ monitor technology supports up to 31 desktop LCD monitors on a single computer. This offers a superior space-saving solution, because it doesn’t require each user to have an individual desktop PC, helping provide a cleaner office environment without the unsightly mess of wires.

“As businesses and schools look to increase productivity and reduce power consumption, LG Electronics is dedicated to offering products that help our customers meet their needs,” said Jeff Dowell, vice president, business solutions, LG Electronics USA. “With our new N+ Monitors, LG is leading the way in providing an elegant, convenient, energy-saving technology solution.”

Offices are able to maximize investment of their computing technology through lowering purchasing and hardware costs, and reduced maintenance. The LG N+ system allows for easier access to computers when it’s needed most.

Advanced Display for the Masses
These N+ monitors (model N224WA) can be installed in just a few minutes and reduce the amount of maintenance and IT support needed for a typical office or classroom environment that requires the operation of multiple computers. The N224WA also offers USB ports for a keyboard and mouse, providing users with increased flexibility for placement and positioning. All of LG’s N+ monitors render clear, crisp images and 5-millisecond response rate. Additionally, this system offers consumers straightforward management including easy software and hardware set up, and central control support. The system can be secured and maintained by those with basic PC knowledge.

Energy Savings
In most office environments, a small percentage of the computing power of each PC is utilized effectively. LG’s N+ series provides consumers with a green advantage by saving energy. These monitors connect to an existing PC and redistribute the remaining resources to multiple users simultaneously, using the monitors’ virtual desktop software.

The software is able to divide a computer’s resources into 31 independent sessions so that all users can share the processing power of a single PC, maximizing the bandwidth to the fullest extent. Using one main PC to run all 31 N+ monitors enables consumers to save on the cost of energy used that extra PCs would have consumed, reducing noise and generating less heat. By reducing the number of PCs needed for a multi-user setup, the LG N+ solution also minimizes E-waste.

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