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LG Begins Roll-out of 2023 4K and 8K OLED TVs

2023 LG G3 and C3 OLED evo 4K TVs are just hitting the market. Should you buy the latest model or snag a deal on last year’s model?

2023 LG G3 OLED TV mounted on-wall in living room

In a previous report, we provided a preview of what LG had in store for its OLED TVs in 2023. As a follow-up, some article some information from our previous report is included, but we also go into additional detail as well as provide model availability and price information for LG 2023 OLED TVs.

OLED TV Technology Recap

Very briefly, an OLED TV is different from LCD-based TV in that it uses self-emitting Organic LEDs (no blacklight or LCD panel required), producing both light and color. Each pixel can be individually controlled and OLED TVs can display absolute back when needed. To dig deeper into LG OLED TV tech and how it is implemented, refer to our reference article: WTF is an OLED TV? 


LG continues to advance its OLED evo technology for its C3 and G3 series TVs. Evo OLED panels deliver higher brightness and color volume while maintaining clarity and detail than a traditional OLED panel. 

LG α9 Gen 6 Intelligent Processor

LG a9 gen6 Processor for 2023

Select LG OLED TV models (G3 and C3 series) incorporate the α9 Generation 6 intelligent processor. The processor’s deep-learning algorithm enhances upscaling performance giving images a more three-dimensional quality. The a9 Gen 6 also incorporates the Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro Algorithm. This divides the images into 20,000 blocks analyzing and enhancing each in real-time to produce a more vivid and detailed image, in both brighter and darker parts of the picture for elevated HDR presentation. 

In addition, LG is including AI Picture Pro. This includes an HDR Expression Enhancer. This feature fine-tunes individual objects so that they appear to have a more life-like quality. 

Tip: LG TVs support the HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision HDR formats

Brightness Booster Max

LG’s OLED evo G3 Series includes its Brightness Booster Max feature. This includes a new light control capability using MLA technology and light-boosting algorithms that can increase OLED panel brightness by up to 70 percent. Brightness is mapped and controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, resulting in sharper, more realistic images. 

Tip: Brightness Booster Max is only available on 55/65/75-inch G3 models.


LG AI Sound

In addition to video, the A9 Gen 6 processor also supports better audio quality via AI Sound Pro. You can use the built-in speakers in select TVs to produce a virtual 9.1.2 surround. 

Tip: Dolby Atmos is supported.


Just as with many of LG’s TVs from 2022, the new LG C3, and G3, as well as the continuing SIGNATURE Z2, ART90, Pose (LX1), and LX3 OLED TVs are WiSA SoundSend Certified. This verifies that the selected TVs work with the WiSA SoundSend wireless audio transmitter ($179 at Amazon).

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Tip: 2022 Hisense U7H & U8H Series TVs are also WiSA SoundSend Certified

WiSA Soundsend Device App

Just plug the SoundSend into the TV’s HDMI-ARC/eARC or digital optical connection. Once connected, the SoundSend is able to transmit audio wirelessly to compatible WiSA Certified speakers or packaged systems that include the WiSA SoundSend (Platin Monaco 5.1 or Monaco 5.1.2).

Upgraded webOS Navigation, and Features

2023 LG OLED evo TV Homescreen Lifestyle

LG’s webOS (aka WebOS Hub), features All New Home, a redesigned user interface (UI) that more personalization options and more convenience than ever.

The ‘Quick Cards’ feature provides easier access to the content and services they use the most – grouped into logical categories such as Home Office, Gaming, Music, and Sports. 

webOS for 2023 also makes personalized recommendations based on your viewing history and viewing habits.

Tip: LG has added the Apple TV app to WebOS.

Gaming Support

LG continues to emphasize gaming performance. 

LG OLED TVs offer a 0.1 millisecond response time, low input lag, and include up to four HDMI ports supporting multiple HDMI 2.1 features. 

LG’s Game Optimizer menu allows users to switch between specialized gaming features and presets. Dark Room Mode adjusts screen brightness for a better gaming experience with the lights off. LG OLED TVs are G-SYNC® compatible, FreeSync™ Premium, and support variable refresh rate (VRR)

New for 2023 is the Game Dashboard. This is an overlay menu that provides display setting controls and settings users can quickly access without interrupting gameplay.

Control and Accessibility

For 2023, LG has included new features to using their TVs easier for those with disabilities. 

A long press on the LG Magic Remote’s mute button brings up the accessibility menu, where users can find Learn TV Remote, which teaches them the remote control’s features. 

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Sign Language Zoom allows users to adjust the size of the area where the sign language interpreter is shown on screen.

LG TVs can play sound through their built-in speakers and a Bluetooth® hearing aid, simultaneously. This means that those with hearing difficulties can connect their hearing aid to the TV via Bluetooth. Also, you can connect a transmitter to one of the TV’s HDMI ports and adjust the volume using hearing aid controls.

Tip: LG OLED TVs also provide voice control options (Alexa, Google Assistant). There is a built-in press-to-talk microphone on the remote. 

Screen Sizes, Models & Pricing

For 2023, screen sizes range from 42 to 97 inches. The smaller screen sizes are especially appealing for gamers, which LG has been pushing for the past two years. 

If the model series is highlighted you can click on it and view that model’s official LG product page with complete feature/specification details. 

2023 LG OLED 4K TVs

The reason that refers to the G3 as the “Gallery Edition” is that its super-thin frame and zero gap design enable almost flush wall-mounting. This gives the G3 a “gallery look” However, it can be used with its provided stand as shown in the image below.  

2023 LG G3 OLED 4K TV Front
  • OLED97G3PUA (97-inches): Forthcoming
  • OLED83G3PUA (83-inches): $6,499 at
  • OLED77G3PUA (77-inches): $4,499 at
  • OLED65G3PUA (65-inches): $3,299 at  
  • OLED55G3PUA (55-inches): $2,499 at

C3 Series (OLED evo) 

2023 LG C3 4K OLED TV

The C3 does not incorporate MLA technology or the Brightness Booster Max. feature

B3 Series OLED (Non-evo) – April 2023


The LG B3 series utilizes the step-down α7 Gen 6 processor that supports Dynamic Tone-mapping, AI Sound Pro, and virtual 5.1.2 surround sound.

  • OLED77B3PUA (77-inches):  $3,299 at
  • OLED65B3PUA (65-inches):  $2,399 at
  • OLED55B3PUA (55-inches):  $1,699 at

Signature Series Zero Connect/Wireless M3 OLED TV 

LG Zero Connect Stand
  • OLED97M3 (Tentative Model Number) – Availability TBD

Previous Models

LG has released a few more unique TVs in 2021 and 2022 that will carry over into 2023.

LG 42LX3QPUA Bendable Curved OLED TV


2022 LG Signature 8K OLED TV

Signature Series Z2 OLED (Carried over from 2022)

Tip: It has been indicated that there should be a forthcoming Z3 series with an updated processor and related capabilities to bring the 8K models in line with the rest of the LG’s 2023 model line-up.  Now, if they can do something about the pricing that would be an added bonus.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. d0x360

    July 19, 2023 at 4:58 am

    The C3 & G3 have the same gaming menu and features as the Cx but the game menu (overlay) uses the style from the C1/C2 which are functionally the same as the Cx but the overlay on the c1-c/G3 is laid out better

    Otherwise I think everything gaming related is identical going back to the Cx.

    I bring it up because the article says it has new gaming features. You might also have an Evo panel already if you bought a C2 or maybe it was a C1, regardless they used the first Gen Evo panels on the G series and I assume because of volume and cost they put the panel in the C series at certain sizes for a few months and you can enable it via the service menu.

    I’m actually gonna check my c1 now. I just need to access the service menu

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