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LG Electronics Recalls Four 86-Inch TVs Due to Safety Hazard

The recall by LG Electronics includes four 86-inch TVs that require replacement screws and stand parts to avoid potential safety hazards.

LG 86UQ8000AUB 86-inch TV

Consumers continue to opt for larger TVs; the prospect of owning an 86-inch 4K TV is certainly enticing for those of us who desire the largest image possible in our shared living spaces. Many of us have chosen to spend our money with LG and we have nothing but praise for the performance of their best TVs.

However, before you open the box, place it on its provided stand, or mount it on the wall you should read the installation instructions, and user guide to make sure it is set up properly. The main reason is that even though the large screen looks great, larger size TVs also pose potential safety hazards and sometimes even the installation instructions fall short. 

LG 86UQ8000AUB 86-inch TV Wall Mounted Lifestyle
Wall mounted LG TVs are safe.

The LG TV Recall

Be warned that four 2022 LG 86-inch TV models have been recalled. All the TVs are LCD-based, no OLED TVs are on the list

The full recall notice is posted on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Website.

Here are the key points of reference:

  • Product Size (Full Frame Dimensions):  43.5-inches high, 76-inches wide, and 2.4-inches deep
  • Weight: Approximately 100 pounds
  • Serial Numbers: Begins with the numbers 202RM, 203RM, 204RM, 205RM, 206RM, 207RM, or 208RM. 
LG 86UQ8000AUB 86-inch TV model number panel

Tip: To find the serial number, look at the back of the TV or press the Mute button three times on the TV’s original remote control.

Where The TVs Were Sold: 86UQ8000AUB and derivative model numbers were sold physically and online from Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s as well as online from from March 2022 through September 2022.

Price: The TVs were sold for between $1,100 and $1,900 during that period. 

Why the Recall: LG Electronics has received 22 reports of TV stand instability, resulting in 12 reports of tip-overs. No injuries have been reported.

LG 86UQ8000AUB 86-inch TV Stand Closeup

What To Do: If you have an affected TV and attached the stand legs that were provided with it, immediately detach the legs and place the TV in a safe location away from children. Contact LG Electronics for assistance in inspecting the TV  and how to order replacement screws and stand parts. Free repair is being offered by LG if needed.

Tip: If the TV is wall-mounted, you are not affected by the recall. However, check your wall mount and make sure that the TV has been firmly attached!

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Install Your TV Safely

Even if your TV is not affected by this recall, the message it sends should be heeded by every TV owner. 

Just because today’s flat panel TVs are lighter than those CRT sets back in the day, they can still pose a safety hazard from tipping or falling, especially with larger screen sizes. 

BDI Media Cabinet TV Mount Strap
BDI Media Cabinet with TV Safety Strap Attached.

When installing a TV, make sure it is securely anchored. Even if it is on a stand it should be secured to the wall or the back of the table or cabinet it is set on. These options can help prevent tipping due to imbalance, unexpected movement, or bumps. 

Tip: Many BDI media center consoles include TV safety straps to prevent tipping.

You should also check your TV’s installation and user guide for tips. Some include diagrams that illustrate how to securely anchor a TV to a table surface, rack, or wall. Some TV makers provide a small harness or anchor cable as part of included accessories. Use only the correct type of mount and screws required for your TV. If wall mounting, make sure it can support your TV’s size and weight.

When choosing a TV, consider one that has feet on both the bottom left and right of the TV frame. This type of stand is typically less susceptible to wobbling. 

If the TV has a center stand you can wrap a thick insulated wire around the section between the bottom of the TV and the bottom of the stand and secure it to the wall or the back of the table or cabinet the TV has been placed on. 

Tip: Need help deciding which TV to buy?

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