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LAMM Industries ML3 Signature Tube Amplifier


Top-of-the-line, no-compromise, single-ended tube amplifier

LAMM Industries, Inc. will demonstrate its flagship amplifier ML3 Signature with the complementing monaural line-level preamplifier LL1 Signature being introduced at this year’s CES.

The ML3 Signature is a single-ended (SE) tube amplifier with a separate power supply using a powerful directly-heated triode called the GM-70 (125 watts plate dissipation). The ML3 Signature features 32 watts of zero overall feedback, pure class A power using a truly special circuit topology with one of the most sophisticated power supplies in audio. Combining the most advanced technologies and electronic design with graceful looks reminiscent of the classic era of tubes, the ML3 Signature is our top-of-the-line, no-compromise product.

LAMM Industries ML3 Signature Tube Amplifier - Rear

Single-ended tube amplification has the greatest potential of reproducing music with maximum fidelity to live sound. Because of several inherent limitations of the format, most SE tube amplifiers recreate a beautiful midrange but shortchange the low and upper frequencies. The ML3 Signature overcomes these limiting factors to reproduce the thrilling sound of live music. A midrange to die for supports a superbly natural and extended bass along with exquisite upper frequencies. The amplifier’s innovative circuitry allows one to hear the original spectral balance and harmonic structure of the recorded material without loosing the smallest of detail and nuance. Due to its extraordinary transparency, the ML3 Signature is also unmatched in its ability to recreate a three-dimensional soundstage without boundaries and limitations. Effortlessly experience the ephemeral yet captivating essence of your favorite music like never before with the ML3 Signature in your system.

Advanced technical solutions are used in the design of the ML3 Signature. Custom-made output transformer of the highest quality and unique front-end and output stages, plus the sophisticated power supply, let the ML3 Signature to drive most real- world-load speakers yielding effortlessly dynamic sound.

Description, images and specs are available at the following links:

Suggested US retail: $139,290.00/pair

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