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KEAS MOV1 is a Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker in Bowl

KEAS MOV1 Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker - Red

Korean company KEAS has introduced the MOV1, a Bluetooth wireless speaker integrated into a well-crafted ceramic bowl. The portable, round speakers can fit on counter tops, dressers, or consoles — not bounded to a fixed spot. It is meant to blend in with the home while adding to the flavor and ambience of any room. Since there is a built-in battery you can place them anywhere and can expect up to 8 hours of music listening when fully charged.

The ceramic base is produced by a rigorous baking process, enduring a two-time baking procedure in a 12000-degree kiln, with another baking round in 1000 degrees. This 300 hour/ 20 step process produced with more than 3.1 kg of high quality clay allows for the ceramic base to enhance the lasting durability of the stoneware material without the fading of the colored finish. The KEAS MOV1 looks to take its place among the premium speakers that only adds value with time.

KEAS MOV1’s ceramic base was produced with ZENHANKOOK, a longstanding industry leader in ceramics with business associations with America’s Lenox, England’s Marks & Spencer, Germany’s Villeroy-Boch, and Japan’s Noridake, among others. The speaker’s fabric grill cover is produced with Maharam’s prestigious fabrics that allows for interchangeable covers that come in various styles and colors.

For sound quality, the MOV1 uses Peerless speaker drivers from Denmark’s 90 year old audio brand. KEAS MOV1 has 50 levels of sound control which can be divided into five further divisions, and the finest balance can be found at each frequency.

KEAS hopes to transform and enhance any living space with its innovative approach to the ordinary speaker, combining speaker technology, ceramic art and rich fabric colors. The company calls this, “Ceramictronics”, a combined product with ceramics and electronics.

KEAS MOV1 Ceramic Bluetooth Speakers

Bret Kang, the CEO of KEAS, announced that “the use of ceramics in our speakers goes well beyond what an ordinary speaker can do. Ours enable one to listen to high quality music, but also plays the role of an art object that fulfills high class sensibility that accommodates all lifestyles, both genders, and across the generations.” He also added that the first launch of MOV1 speakers will be in Korea in October 2015 with subsequent launches in the US, China, and Japan this year. Future plans include the release of a wide range of products derived from the premium sensibility of ceramics.

The MOV1 design was led by Damian Kim, a former designer for global electronics companies, including Samsung and Philips. KEAS also consulted with Kook Hyun Chung, the former Chief of Design Management at Samsung Electronics, and Dong Min Ahn of Intergram.

Damian Kim, the Vice President of KEAS and the Chief Design Officer, highlighted, “the philosophy behind the KEAS MOV1 speaker is to add an artistic value beyond that of every day speakers. The public is used to either plastic or steel appliances which is more about fast consumerism, but our products are about the value added with time for they are truly a piece of art.”

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Price and Availability
KEAS MOV1 is now available for $649 at or direct at in four color combinations: Black & Red, Black & White, Orange & Grey, and Cobalt Blue & White.

KEAS MOV1 Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker - Colors


    • Bluetooth Wireless Stereo
    • Audio System / KEAS MOV1
    • 4Q / 30W / Full range
    • PLS-P830985
    • 2 Units
    • 2-ch Stereo
    • 2-Passive Radiator
    • Peerless Drivers from Denmark
    • AC / DC Adapter
    • (INPUT AC100V~240V, 50~60Hz / OUTPUT DC 19V, 2.1A)
    • Li-Ion Battery 11.1V,1. 700mA
    • Play Time Over 8Hr @ 75dB
  • SIZE (L x W x H)
    • 32.3 x 32.3 x12.9 cm
    • 12.7 x 12.7 x 5.07 inch
    • 3.8 kg (Speaker)
    • 0.3 kg (Adapter)
    • Optimal Temp: 0~45℃
    • MAX Temp: -10~50℃
    • 100dB @0.5m / Max Volume
    • Bluetooth 4.0 / Class 2 / BDR / EDR / A2DP / AVRCP / HSP / HFP
    • 2.402~2.480 MHz
    • 15W x 2 at 10% THD
    • Black / White
    • Cobalt Blue / White
    • Orange / Gray
    • Black / Red
    • Damian Kim
      KEAS Inc. / VP, DCO
    • KEAS Inc.
    • KEAS Inc. / KOREA

KEAS MOV1 Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker - Orange

KEAS MOV1 Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker Drivers

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