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JBL Demonstrates its Commitment to the Custom-Installation Market at CEDIA 2004 With Broad Range of Innovative Product Introductions

— JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior Ultrahigh-End Multichannel Audio System, Audioaccess W.H.E.N. (Whole-House Entertainment Network) Among Highlights of JBL’s CEDIA 2004 Product Introductions —

10 September 2004


WOODBURY, NY — JBL, a leading manufacturer of professional and consumer loudspeakers, and Audioaccess, a division of JBL that provides advanced whole-house audio/video solutions, are demonstrating an expanded commitment to the custom-installation market at CEDIA Expo 2004 with an extensive lineup of innovative product introductions. Highlights include the JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior ultrahigh-end multichannel home theater and music system, and the groundbreaking Audioaccess W.H.E.N. (Whole-House Entertainment Network), an advanced-technology, integrated home theater and multiroom audio/video system designed for custom residential installation.

JBL is also premiering its Synthesis S5160 5-channel power amplifier and two Surround Cinema Speaker complete home theater speaker packages, the 6.1-channel SCS180.6 and 5.1-channel SCS145.5.

Rounding out the companies’ product introductions, Audioaccess is introducing its versatile CATC (Color Audioaccess Touchscreen Controller), which provides an easy-to-use LCD touchscreen interface for operating a complete Audioaccess-based multizone system.

In related CEDIA news, JBL announced it will be shipping its JBL Cinema Vision complete, integrated home theater audio and video system to authorized dealers and custom-installation specialists beginning this month.

Paul Bente, president of JBL Consumer Products, noted: “At CEDIA 2004, JBL and Audioaccess are targeting the specialized requirements of the custom-installation market to a greater extent than ever before. We are expanding into entirely new categories with products and systems that redefine the performance capabilities of home entertainment in a number of significant areas, and broadening our product lines to offer a wider variety of custom-installation solutions, from affordable compact loudspeaker packages to the most sophisticated ultrahigh-end home theater systems and whole-house audio/video installations.”

Following are highlights of JBL’s products and systems on exhibit at the Indianapolis Convention Center, Booth 346 (September 10 — 12).

JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior: Engineered for Ultrahigh-End Performance

The JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior is an ultrahigh-end, THX-certified custom-installation home theater and music system designed for ultimate performance in every respect. Featuring JBL’s most advanced loudspeaker technologies along with THX Ultra-certified Synthesis electronics, the 7.1-channel JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior incorporates the extraordinary sonic performance and operational versatility of the company’s flagship JBL Synthesis Hercules system in a more flexible multichannel loudspeaker configuration that provides a wider range of installation options. At CEDIA 2004, JBL is featuring its Synthesis Hercules Junior ultrahigh-end multichannel home theater audio system in an all-out, spectacular home theater installation that is sure to be one of the “must see” highlights of the show.

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The loudspeakers in the JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior system at CEDIA 2004 include three SK2-1000 loudspeakers for the left, center and right front channels; six S4A multipolar in-wall loudspeakers, and two S1S-EX subwoofers. The electronics are composed of the SDP-40 surround processor/preamplifier, SDEC2500A digital equalizer, two S7150 seven-channel power amplifiers, two S800 stereo power amplifiers and a custom S1000IC interconnect kit.

To achieve their unparalleled sonic excellence, JBL Synthesis loudspeakers employ drivers that are directly derived from the company’s professional recording studio monitors and cinema loudspeakers. The SK2-1000 loudspeakers utilize the identical 435Be beryllium midrange compression driver and 045Be ultrahigh-frequency beryllium compression driver used in the company’s top-of-the-line K2 S9800 loudspeaker. These drivers are mated with a specially designed horn, optimized to the drivers’ performance characteristics to provide exceptionally open and detailed midrange and high frequency response over a wide listening area. To handle the low frequencies, the SK2-1000’s dual JBL 2251J-2 10-inch woofers feature a Neodymium Differential Drive (NDD) (U.S. patent no. 5,748,760 and other patents pending) voice-coil system with two heavy-duty voice coils, providing extremely high power output and clarity even
at high volume.

The system’s versatile S4A multipolar in-wall surround-effects loudspeaker can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and features advanced-technology tweeters and midrange drivers that can be switched to radiate either in-phase or out-of-phase with the rest of the speaker’s driver complement to provide a choice of selectable dipole or bipole dispersion modes. In addition, the S4A can be bi-amplified to function as two separate speakers in a single enclosure.

The S1S-EX subwoofer is the ultimate low-frequency reproducer for the most ambitious custom home entertainment installations. It features a massive 18-inch Aquaplas-treated-cone woofer with true deep bass extension all the way down to 18Hz to deliver astonishing low-frequency impact.

The SDP-40 surround processor/preamplifier is a highly sophisticated system controller that includes an extensive complement of inputs, outputs and switching functions, including high-bandwidth HDTV pass-through, 12 assignable input channels with independent three-zone operation, two broadcast-quality multiroom video switchers, and many additional features such as software upgradeability via an RS-232 connection. The SDP-40 is engineered to deliver extraordinary sound quality and offers compatible decoding of all popular surround sound formats, as well as proprietary Logic 7 processing for enhanced surround sound realism with movie soundtracks and music.

The SDEC2500A digital equalizer is a key element of the JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior’s remarkable sonic performance. It optimizes the performance of a Synthesis multichannel system by the application of ultraprecise 83-band digital parametric equalization and leading-edge DSP technologies. The SDEC2500A provides correction of room-acoustics problems in conjunction with JBL’s exclusive Digital Acoustic Calibration (DACS) system with far more precision than is available from traditional equalization methods, achieving extremely accurate in-room response and the highest possible sound quality.

Because no two rooms are alike, JBL’s DACS equalization system allows a JBL factory-trained-and-certified technician to literally custom-fit the sound of a Synthesis system to the room in which it is installed. The resulting tonal accuracy enables vocals, instruments and effects to be heard just as the recording engineers intended, with remarkable realism, scale and placement in the surround sound mix.

The amplification in the JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior system includes the two-channel S800, which delivers 200 watts per channel (into 8 ohms, <0.03% THD), or a massive 800 watts in bridged mode, and the seven-channel S7150, which provides a generous 160 watts into each channel. Both amplifiers can easily re-create sound levels equal to the original performances in even the largest of home-listening environments. The S800 and S7150 are designed for unsurpassed performance and reliability, and interface with the other components in the JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior system for sophisticated automatic control capabilities.

The JBL Synthesis Hercules Junior is currently available at a suggested retail price of $80,000.

Audioaccess W.H.E.N.: Advanced Whole-House System Flexibility

At CEDIA 2004, Audioaccess is announcing one of its most significant product launches ever with the introduction of its W.H.E.N. (Whole-House Entertainment Network) system — the company’s first integrated home theater and multiroom audio/video system designed for custom residential installation.

The system is based around the W.H.E.N. AVR/Controller, an innovative 7.1-channel A/V receiver and multiroom controller that offers a wide range of features and connectivity options, making it the heart of an advanced whole-house control system. The system controls outboard A/V sources via dedicated IR outputs, a proprietary digital signal transfer bus and three RS-232 ports that enable two-way control of specific high-capacity DVD/CD changers. An additional bi-directional RS-232 port is provided for software and firmware upgrades. The AVR/Controller provides an extensive complement of advanced features such as five wide-bandwidth, HDTV-compatible component video inputs, an HDMI-compatible digital-video output, seven source trigger inputs and IR outputs, and two built-in FM/AM tuners.

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The AVR/Controller connects to an outboard W.H.E.N. Multiroom Hub via a single, proprietary digital signal/control connection. The Multiroom Hub distributes video via coaxial cable and audio and control signals using Cat. 5 cable, featuring state-of-the-art digital signal transfer technologies. The Multiroom Hub can accommodate up to eight audio/video remote locations, and has video routing capability for up to six video entertainment sources, plus six video security cameras. Additional hubs and power supplies can be added to expand whole-house signal distribution for up to 23 rooms, facilitating comprehensive multizone installations.

The Multiroom Hub links to a W.H.E.N. KPS-600 Display Keypad/Amplifier Module located in each remote zone. Three operating modes are offered: Entertainment, Video Security and Paging. The KPS-600 features a large LCD and offers intuitive control of up to six audio/video sources. The keypad includes a 50-watt-per-channel digital stereo amplifier to power a pair of speakers, as well as a local source input and preamp outputs for use with a subwoofer or external amplifier. Moreover, the keypad includes an IR sensor, enabling control from a handheld remote, and a built-in speaker, which enables it to function as part of a whole-house paging system.

W.H.E.N. system components also include a compact door keypad/camera module, which can be used as part of a video security system, and three available in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, derived from JBL’s high-performance, industry-standard HTi Series.

The Audioaccess W.H.E.N. system is highly scalable for use in both smaller residences and more expansive homes. Suggested retail pricing ranges from approximately $4,000 for a base system to more than $20,000 for a large-scale system comprising a main home theater and 23 remote room locations.

Details of availability for the W.H.E.N. system are to be announced.

Audioaccess CATC: Intuitive, Comprehensive Multiroom Audio/Video Control

The Audioaccess CATC Color Audioaccess Touchscreen Controller is a versatile, wall-mountable touchscreen/controller that provides a versatile user interface for operating a complete Audioaccess-based multizone system. The CATC offers a wide range of control features combined with ease of programming and operation.

The CATC features a large, fully customizable color LCD touchscreen, and it also has four “hard” buttons for frequently used functions. The CATC provides a complete user interface for Audioaccess PX-700-based multiroom audio systems, and, using optional software-based interface modules, can also control other home devices such as audio/video components, hard-disc servers, CD or DVD libraries and lighting, An interface module is being introduced for ReQuest Multimedia audio and video servers, and the CATC’s open architecture enables the addition of future third-party modules.

Although sophisticated in its capabilities, the CATC is designed for total ease of operation. Its Windows-based EasyTouch II application provides preprogrammed buttons and template screens to simplify programming and user control, and the user interface can be customized by connecting the CATC to a laptop or desktop PC. The CATC also includes an exclusive text-based Librarian control function that makes it easy to access high-capacity program sources by categories such as artist, genre, disc title, station or channel.

In addition to controlling Audioaccess system components, the CATC features multiple control ports for integration with RS-232-controlled subsystems such as lighting and HVAC. By connecting optional RS-232 interface modules, any CATC touchscreen located throughout the home can control any device connected to the whole-house integrated system. The CATC offers a variety of mounting options and its bezel matches the dimensions of a standard U.S. three-gang wall plate.

The Audioaccess CATC Color Audioaccess Touchscreen Controller carries a suggested retail price of $1,395, and will be available in fall 2004.

JBL Synthesis S5160 5-Channel Power Amplifier: Extraordinary Sonic Performance

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JBL is adding to its Synthesis custom-installation home theater lineup with the introduction of its S5160 5-Channel Power Amplifier, an ultrahigh-end amplifier designed to provide extraordinary sound quality along with maximum installation versatility. The S5160 is ideal for 5-channel applications; or it can be used in pairs in larger-scale Synthesis installations where 10 channels of amplification are required.

The S5160 power amplifier delivers a generous 160 watts into each channel (into 8 ohms, <0.03% THD, all channels driven), to easily re-create sound levels equal to the original performances in even the largest of home-listening environments. The S5160 is built to the absolute highest standards and designed for superb sonic performance along with reliable operation. The amplifier features control connections that interface with the other components in a JBL Synthesis system to enable sophisticated automatic control capabilities.

Price and availability for the JBL Synthesis S5160 5-Channel Power Amplifier are to be announced.

JBL SCS180.6 and SCS145.5: Compact, Stylish Design, Outstanding Sound Quality

JBL’s SCS180.6 and SCS145.5 Surround Cinema Speaker systems are two complete, compact 6.1-channel and 5.1-channel home theater loudspeaker packages that offer exceptional sound quality and installation flexibility. Either SCS Series system is an ideal choice for listeners who want to enjoy true high-performance multichannel home theater surround sound with an affordable system that is designed to fit easily and unobtrusively in any size room.

The 6.1-channel JBL SCS180.6 includes five satellite speakers, and the 5.1-channel SCS145.5 has four satellite speakers. Both systems include a dedicated center channel speaker and subwoofer, along with satellite wall-mount brackets and all necessary cables. The systems feature elegant, understated styling and a rich metallic-silver finish that complements any home entertainment system and living environment.

Although compact, the JBL SCS180.6 and SCS145.5 are engineered to reproduce movies and music with all the clarity and sonic realism that distinguish every JBL product. Both systems’ satellite speakers and dedicated center channel speakers feature titanium-laminate tweeters and advanced-technology woofers, which provide clear, dynamic, enveloping surround sound, and their powered subwoofers perfectly complement the main speakers with articulate, extended bass response. The SCS180.6 and SCS145.5 satellite speakers are designed for outstanding installation flexibility, and can be placed on shelves or installed using their unique swivel-bracket wall-mounting systems. Optional floor stands are also available.

The JBL SCS180.6 and SCS145.5 Surround Cinema Speaker systems carry suggested retail prices of $449 and $349, respectively, and will be available in fall 2004.

JBL Cinema Vision to Begin Shipping to Dealers and Custom Installers

In a move that extends JBL’s heritage of design excellence and technological innovation into an exciting new area, the company will begin shipping JBL Cinema Vision — its first complete, integrated audio and video home entertainment system.

Comprising a 7.1-channel loudspeaker package, a 50-inch high-definition plasma monitor and an A/V system controller that includes a DVD audio/video changer, receiver and video processor, JBL Cinema Vision is designed to deliver ultimate audio and video performance combined with superior ease of use. It incorporates innovative features such as exclusive JBL Digital Link technology, which maintains 100-percent digital audio and video signal paths throughout the system for the best-possible sound and image quality.

Its 50-inch plasma display offers true high-definition-display capability with the highest possible resolution and color accuracy, and its loudspeakers are directly derived from JBL’s professional cinema and studio loudspeakers to deliver extraordinary sonic realism. Although highly sophisticated in its capabilities,
JBL Cinema Vision offers easy, intuitive operation, with a “smart” remote control and an integrated design that anticipates users’ needs, and automates key functions. All of the system’s components blend harmoniously to create an elegant, unified appearance, and provide a seamless integration of style and function.

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JBL Cinema Vision will be available this month, at a suggested retail price of $15,000, through authorized JBL dealers. JBL Cinema Vision is sold as a system only, and its price includes dealer delivery and setup.

JBL HTI55 In-Wall and SP6CS In-Ceiling Speaker: Expansive Sound, Versatile Installation Options

Further expanding its in-wall and in-ceiling speaker lineup, JBL is now shipping its HTi Series HTI55 in-wall speaker and SoundPoint SP6CS in-ceiling speaker, two versatile models that provide expanded installation capabilities in home theater and whole-house home entertainment systems. The HTI55 (SRP: $349 each) is designed to offer audiophile-quality sonic performance along with higher power-handling capability, and the SP6CS (SRP: $249 each) provides two-channel audio from a single-speaker configuration, making it ideal for applications where space is limited, yet where clear, detailed, expansive stereo sound is desired.

The HTI55 can be mounted either horizontally, facilitating its use as the center channel of a home theater system, or vertically, for use as left and right front speakers and for all surround channels. When mounted horizontally, the HTI55 fits inside the standard 16-inch spacing that is used between most wall studs. The SP6CS features dual tweeters that rotate independently and can be aimed outward for the best stereo performance. It is perfect for use in distributed-audio systems, and for providing stereo audio in multiroom installations in remote locations; it can also be employed as a surround-effects speaker in home theater systems to reproduce two separate surround-effects channels in spaces where extra speakers cannot be installed. Both models are designed for easy, unobtrusive installation in both new homes and existing rooms, and can be painted to blend with any room and decor.

The Harman Consumer Systems Group (HCSG) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high-fidelity loudspeakers, audio and video components, and multimedia systems for use in homes and automobiles, and with computers. The group’s brands include JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Revel, Audioaccess and Lexicon.

HCSG is a division of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Harman International ( is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-fidelity audio products and electronic systems for the consumer and professional markets. The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HAR.”

# # #

For additional information, contact:
Frank Doris
FM Group Public Relations

JBL, Synthesis, JBL Synthesis, Hercules, Audioaccess, JBL Cinema Vision and Logic 7 are registered trademarks, and Neodymium Differential Drive (NDD), Digital Acoustic Calibration System (DACS), HTi, SoundPoint, SCS Series and JBL Digital Link are trademarks, of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.

THX and THX Ultra are trademarks of THX Ltd., which may be registered in some jurisdictions. All rights reserved.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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