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Floorstanding Speakers

Jamo R 907 Loudspeaker Announced


A smaller, more affordable version of the Jamo R 909, the new R 907 tower speaker is also designed for the true audiophile–but designed to work brilliantly where space is at a premium. Like the R 909, the R 907 features dipolar engineering, which means that sound is distributed from both the front and the back of the speaker. The reflected audio from the rear adds ambience and gives the impression of a much larger room–in other words, a more lifelike, live performance sound.

Dipolar loudspeakers have existed for many years; most of them have been electrostatic designs. However, electrostatic technology has one significant drawback: bass frequency reproduction is compromised. They simply aren’t able to produce the characteristic physical bass “thwack” you feel in your midriff. The Jamo Reference R 907 audio tower uses electrodynamic speakers instead of electrostatics–and the results are amazing. The exceptionally firm, deep bass and concert-like high end dynamics put you in the middle of the soundstage.

By using 12-inch woofers rather than the 15-inch drivers found in the R 909, Jamo engineers were able to make the R 907 approximately 20 percent shorter and 15 percent slimmer than the larger model–and even more ideal for smaller living spaces.

Available in striking high-gloss red or black finishes, the R 907 is sure to attract attention as much for its unique look as for its incredibly detailed sound reproduction. The open design allows you to see the quality components that make the Jamo R 907 so remarkable: the two woofers, the Hard Conical Cone midrange driver and the premium tweeter. From deep, precise bass to startlingly concert-like vocals, we’ve spared no expense to deliver sound in its purest form–and the evidence is clear at a glance.

The Jamo development team was given a mission: to “translate” the design and the acoustic characteristics of the R 909 into a new, less space-demanding speaker system. Like its bigger brother, the R 907’s sound quality is very open and dynamic, with extremely low distortion throughout the entire range. It features a highly-detailed midrange with optimal voice reproduction, and a firm, powerful bass, unmatched by mass-produced dipolar speakers.

The Reference Series offers pure works of art that demonstrate superior power handling and audio quality. With their refined sound, both the R 909 and R 907 are, without a doubt, designed exclusively for those discriminating listeners who prefer high end speakers that deliver perfect two-channel sound.

About Jamo
Established in 1968, Jamo–a wholly owned Klipsch Group, Inc. brand–is a leading supplier of high-quality, Danish-designed speakers, electronics, control systems and accessories for the retail and residential contracting channels. The company has always been at the forefront of the acclaimed Danish speaker industry and continues its product development efforts with a strong focus on simplicity, functionality, and honesty. Headquartered in Denmark, Jamo currently operates in more than 80 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. For more information, visit

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