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iGUGU InterneTV


Delivers Internet-Based Video Content to the Home TV

iGUGU, a global manufacturer of innovative entertainment technology products for consumers and business announced an intuitive video streaming system that enables users to quickly and easily search, access and view computer- and Internet-based video content on a television or home theater using a handheld wireless remote control.

With the addition of the iGUGU InterneTV solution to the home network, viewing restrictions are lifted from the confines of computer monitors and screens of small mobile devices allowing users to enjoy the incredible volumes of web-based content on any television, just as they are accustomed to with all other video entertainment content. When the InterneTV is paired with a 4G connection, the highest-quality Internet-to-television video streaming experience is achieved while also demonstrating the true power of the 4G video relationship and driving the demand for high-speed connectivity in the home.

The InterneTV provides a high-performing intelligent video streaming solution delivering the same remote-controlled, easy-to-use system for accessing and viewing programming as cable and other satellite services can offer. Together with an ultra-broadband connection, the InterneTV presents the ultimate home entertainment experience by bringing the world of multimedia content to the television, viewable in high-definition and surround sound, while eliminating jitter, pixilation and freezing issues commonly found with streaming video using slower connection speeds.

“We saw the need to take video content off of small screen devices and bring it to the television, delivering Internet video to the masses and completely changing the way people receive entertainment from the Internet,” stated Isaac Calderon, president of iGUGU. “Technologies such as Femtocell and WiMAX are making it possible for telecom providers to deliver ultra-broadband connectivity to the home and the capabilities of the InterneTV combined with 4G connectivity will undoubtedly drive the demand for this service at the consumer level.”

About iGUGU InterneTV
iGUGU InterneTV turns the PC into a powerful entertainment center by enabling users to access and play stored video content from the PC or streaming content from the Internet on a television or home entertainment center. The iGUGU InterneTV system consists of an innovative, compact handheld wireless remote control, wireless or cable-based options to connect the PC to the television, and an easy-to-use, powerful, intuitive graphical user interface that gives users the ability to search, catalog and play content stored on the PC hard drive and streamed from the Internet through portals including YouTube, Google or the iGUGU amateur video portal. Users can even stream live television content where available in the world. In essence, iGUGU InterneTV is the DVR for digital content.

The PCTV interface manages all content between the computer and the television. Connecting the PC to the television is made easy through three connectivity options which include both wired and wireless solutions to deliver video at up to 30 frames per second. iGUGU’s Molecular Wireless provides wireless connectivity between the television and a Wi-Fi enabled PC at a distance of up to 400 feet utilizing an 802.11g-compliant box that provides both VGA and HDMI video outputs and stereo audio output connections. iGUGU Mid Range provides connectivity up to 50 feet through a VGA cable and utilizes a wireless USB which is connected to the PC to communicate with the wireless remote. iGUGU Long Range enables audio and high-definition video to be transmitted up to 330 feet between transmitter/receiver boxes that are connected between the computer and television.

iGUGU InterneTV, which is compatible with Windows, supports 480p and 720p, and delivers resolutions of 640 x 480, 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768.

iGUGU InterneTV is backed by a 12 month warranty and 24/7 technical support and will be available worldwide in Q1 2010 via leading retailers and e-commerce sites at retail prices starting at $99 USD.

About iGUGU
iGUGU is a subsidiary of San Diego, Calif., based VNA Group, a conglomerate of companies that include transportation vehicles, fitness equipment, entertainment technology, and consumer products.

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