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HideAway Series Stereo Amplifiers

Do you need high quality zone amplification but don’t have enough space for a traditional amp? Pragmatic has the answer. The HideAway series Stereo Audio Amplifier (model 248) produces big luxurious sound, yet fits inside a very small box! This small, powerful package delivers true high fidelity performance that actually rivals the sound quality of large stand-alone amplifiers.

Its two separate monoblock amplifiers provide extremely clean state-of-the-art power. You will experience unexpected sound depth and musical clarity from this miniature amplifier.

The unit accepts any volume controlled line level stereo input and uses super quiet 15 VDC power. Advanced protection circuitry guards against system damage from overload, over- temperature, or short circuits.
There are a number of optional features available for this miniature powerhouse. Options include a rotary volume control, multiple amplifiers in a standard rack mount unit, and even an in-wall version that fits nicely in a single junction box.

Continuous power: 48 Watts per channel
Peak power: 60 Watts per channel
Dynamic range: > 100dB
Signal-to-Noise: > 100dB
Freq. Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Power: 15 VDC
Size: 2”(w) x 3.5”(h) x 3”(d)
Weight: 12 oz

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