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Genesis Advanced Technologies New G5.2c


Genesis Advanced Technologies announced the new Genesis 5.2c ‘convertible’ loudspeaker system. Designed as an absolute fidelity product, it is a match for Genesis’ legendary large-format line array loudspeaker systems. The G5.2c is equally adept at center channel duties as well as use as a surround channel.

“As surround music software offerings improve in quality and quantity, we think it’s critical for Genesis to be prepared”, stated Managing Director, Mr. Gary Leonard Koh. “Our audiophile customers are adopting new multi-channel playback systems and we need to provide them with multi-channel speaker components that match the performance of our flagship line array systems such as the G1.1 and G201. The new G5.2c serves as center and surround channels for a multi-channel music system for these customers.”

“Owners of our premium two-channel systems certainly aren’t going to be satisfied with the current offerings of center channel speakers available on the market”, explained Scott Garside, Market Manager. “And to date, we haven’t offered a loudspeaker in the appropriate form factor for center and surround channel applications, that matched the performance and styling of our large line array systems and 5-Series speakers. With the G5.2c, we believe that we have solved this need, with a speaker of unparalleled performance and styling, that is a good match to a G1.1, G201 or G350SE.”

The front baffle of the G5.2c is constructed from two inches of MDF for rigidity and mass, and the exclusive 1″ ribbon tweeter and solid titanium 5″ midrange drivers are mounted to a virtually inert one-inch Corian platform that can rotate through 360°. “We call the G5.2c ‘convertible’ as it can be physically configured for center channel, or surround duties”, said Arnie Nudell, Genesis Chief Scientist. “By utilizing the same ribbon tweeter used in our line array products, plus a solid titanium midrange and aluminum mid-bass couplers, we have a driver complement suited to creating a compatible ‘voice’, in center channel and surround applications.”

Special care was taken with the styling of the G5.2c. “Our flagship system, the G1.1, is seven and a half feet of Premium Crown Rosewood and Corian,” explained Koh. “With the G5.2c, we’ve created a cabinet that looks like it belongs in such prestigious company — elegant, understated, sleek; just beautiful. The addition of any of our ServoSubs to the G5.2c also gives it a level of performance to match.”

The Genesis 5.2c loudspeaker retails for $3,800 in rosewood, and will be available through authorized Genesis dealers and distributors worldwide.

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