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Genesis 7.2-series Loudspeakers


Genesis Advanced Technologies announced three new and improved models in the Genesis 7.2-series of high-end stereo loudspeakers, the 7.2petite (G7p), 7.2convertible (G7c) and 7.2floorstander (G7f).

All new models use the same tweeter used in their flagship Genesis 1.2 loudspeaker, plus a titanium-cone mid/woofer and a brand new crossover topology. The circular ring ribbon used is a true point source, with a broad and even dispersion throughout its very wide frequency band. This results in a very large “sweet spot.” Genesis claims you'll hear the air in cymbals and triangles with no distortion.

A unique feature of the G7p (petite) is a passive bass contour control that allows it to deliver more bass when driven by more capable amplifiers. With a rear tweeter driven out of phase from the front tweeter, the G7p is a dipole in the high frequencies, enhancing “air”, imaging and soundstage depth. Used as a stereo pair on appropriate loudspeaker stands, the diminutive G7p demonstrates spectacular imaging and soundstage.

The G7c has been designed as a “convertible” loudspeaker for use as a L/C/R speaker. The dispersion pattern is optimized to fire inside of the tweeters when standing on end as a stereo pair, or above the tweeter when it is laid on its side as a center channel.

The G7f (floorstander) includes a servo-controlled bass system with Class D amplification for distortion-free bass down to 22Hz with the built-in 8-inch solid-aluminum cone side-firing subwoofer.

“Since we launched the 7-series in 2005, I thought that it was time to update it with new materials and incorporating what we've learned in the past 5 years,” said Mr. Gary Leonard Koh, CEO of Genesis Advanced Technologies. “The 7-series has always been known for delivering more sound than they had any right to at their size and price. Hence any improvement we made first had to preserve all that was good before refinements could be made.”

“I am an advocate for the right speaker for the right room,” continued Mr. Koh. “In a small room, a large loudspeaker would over-power the room and this would result in boomy bass and a loss of articulation. The Genesis 7-series are designed without compromise for small rooms — rooms that would be too small to accommodate one of our larger loudspeakers. The more expensive Genesis loudspeakers are not necessarily better, they are just larger, and would need a larger room to really “sing”. We don't use cheaper drivers or cheaper crossover parts or take manufacturing shortcuts with the 7-series loudspeakers. We just make them smaller,” declared Mr. Koh.

“The Genesis ribbon tweeter is a ring-ribbon that is unlike most other ribbon tweeter designs out there. As a ring-radiator, it has excellent dispersion and does not beam within its operating range. We improved the linearity in its low-end response, and also pushed out the top frequency from 36kHz to 40kHz. Over the past year, we also re-designed the mid-woofer for a lower moving mass resulting in better dynamics in the mid-bass and greater clarity in the midrange,” added Mr. Koh. “What we did maintain was the overall balance of the loudspeakers to maintain their excellent coherence.”

“We stuck with three models to achieve the price points that we wanted to hit,” said Ms Carolyn Koh, Chief Operating Officer of Genesis. “While they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, they will deliver live musical enjoyment in a small room. With the ribbon tweeter and titanium mid-woofer, the Genesis 7-series plays delicately with full detail retrieval at low volumes — perfect for close quarters living. The G7f is ideal for the apartment dweller that is not willing to compromise on low-bass and dynamics in a loudspeaker with a small footprint. They are easy to place, work in a small space, and yet have sufficient heft in the bass for a full orchestra. The G7p and G7c can be easily integrated with one of our ServoSubs for full-range sound when budgets permit.”

Price and Availability

  • Genesis 7.2petite (G7p) → $2,950
  • Genesis 7.2convertible (G7c) → $3,950
  • Genesis 7.2floorstander (G7f) with a built-in amplified subwoofer → $8,950

All models are finished in a high-gloss black/titanium. Genesis Advanced Technologies designs and manufactures loudspeakers, amplifiers, and accessories in Seattle, WA. They are all shipping now.

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