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Floorstanding Speakers

Definitive Technology Introduces Dymension Series Bipolar Loudspeakers

Definitive Technology’s New Dymension Series Loudspeakers Eliminate the Need for a Subwoofer.

Definitive Technology Dimension Series Loudspeakers 2023

Definitive Technology today announced the Dymension Series bipolar loudspeakers. This new line, which replaces the BP9000 series, includes four bipolar towers, three center channel speakers, a height module, and a surround speaker for Dolby Atmos/DTS:X systems.

Definitive Technology have been engineering and manufacturing bipolar loudspeakers going back to 1991; something that has been a trademark of the brand that is now part of the recently renamed Masimo Consumer Audio Group (formerly Sound United) which also includes Denon, Marantz, Polk Audio, Classe Audio, and Bowers & Wilkins.

Bipolar loudspeakers are a type of speaker that are designed to emit sound in multiple directions, both forward and backward. They are called “bipolar” because they have drivers (woofers and tweeters) mounted on both the front and rear of the speaker enclosure.

Definitive Technology Dymension DM70 Loudspeaker 2023
Definitive Technology Dymension DM70 Loudspeaker

This design allows the speaker to radiate sound in a more diffuse and spacious manner, which can create a more immersive and realistic listening experience.

It is common to find bipolar loudspeakers used in home theater systems, where they can help create a more convincing surround sound experience. They are also used in some stereo systems, particularly for listeners who want a more “room-filling” sound that doesn’t require precise placement of the speakers.

However, bipolar speakers are not ideal for all listening situations, as their diffuse sound can sometimes result in a loss of detail and precision compared to more directional speakers.

Definitive Technology Dymension Series Loudspeakers 2023
Definitive Technology Dymension Series (Left to right: DM80, DM70, DM60, DM40)

To alleviate such a drawback, the back of the towers (DM40, DM60, DM70) include a switch that attenuates the rear tweeter by -6dB in order to create a “forward focus” presentation. The flagship DM80 offers even finer control of the rear tweeter with continuously variable level adjustments.

Dymension Series speakers offer plenty of room filling sound for stereo listening or home theater. The top three tower models and the top center channel include built-in powered subwoofers for heart pounding bass without the complexity of setting up an external subwoofer.

Definitive Technology Dymension DM70 Loudspeakers Lifestyle
Definitive Technology Dymension DM70

All Dymension Series speakers have been carefully timbre-matched to work seamlessly together. Dymension Series speakers are wrapped in an acoustically transparent (non-removable) cloth which helps them virtually disappear in a darkened room.

The flagship DM80 floorstander and DM30 center channel deliver the very best performance Definitive Technology has offered to-date. Let’s examine some of their key features.

Definitive Technology Dymension DM80 Loudspeaker No Grille 2023
Definitive Technology Dymension DM80 (grille removed)

DM80 Flagship Tower Speaker Features:

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  • Fully Balanced, Adjustable Bipolar Array: Bipolar driver arrays direct more sound in more directions than traditional speakers for incredible depth-of-field and a truly enveloping listening experience. Bipolar effect can be adjusted to optimize for room placement.
  • Built-In 12” Powered Subwoofer: An integrated 12” subwoofer, powered by an all-new, high-performance 400W GaN FET amplifier, delivers clean, detailed bass that perfectly blends with mids and highs and feels consistent no matter where you sit.
  • BDSS System and Linear Response Waveguide: DM80’s four 5.25” mid/bass woofers feature our patented Balanced Double Surround System™ technology (BDSS™). BDSS improves midrange driver excursion and provides a wide, uniform soundstage with seamless bass/mid integration. A Linear Response Waveguide™ extends and smooths off-axis dispersion for great sound everywhere in the room.
  • Patented Intelligent Bass Control: Sophisticated digital processing seamlessly blends subwoofer output with mids and highs to provide powerful deep-bass performance without sacrificing midrange clarity. Bass will never get in the way of dialogue and other critical soundtrack elements.
  • DM90 Integrated Height Module Option: Available separately, a DM90 Atmos-certified and DTS:X-compatible height module connects to the top of the DM80 to extend sound above you for total sonic immersion and hyper-realistic overhead effects.

In addition to the DM80 flagship active tower, the Dymension Series also includes a large (DM70) and medium (DM60) active tower with built-in subwoofers and a slim passive tower (DM40).

Definitive Technology Dymension Series DM40, DM60, DM70, DM80 Loudspeakers 2023
Left to right: DM40, DM60, DM70, DM80

Tower Speaker Comparison

MSRP$1999/pair$2,999/pair $3,999/pair$4,999/pair
Tweeter(2) 1 in. aluminum oxide domes(2) 1 in. aluminum oxide domes(2) 1 in. aluminum oxide domes(2) 1 in. aluminum oxide domes
Midrange/Midbass(4) 4.5 in. woofers(4) 4.5 in. BDSS™ with Linear Response Waveguide™(4) 5.25 in. BDSS™ with Linear Response Waveguide™(4) 5.25 in. BDSS™ with Linear Response Waveguide™
Bipolar ArrayFully balanced, adjustableFully balanced, adjustableFully balanced, adjustableFully balanced, adjustable
Bipolar Array AdjustmentRear tweeter switch: 0dB, -6dBRear tweeter switch: 0dB, -6dBRear tweeter switch: 0dB, -6dBFully bipolar (default), forward focus -6dB, variable via bi-amping
Subwoofer System Driver ComplementN/A (ported)(1) 8 in. subwoofer
(2) 8 in. passive radiators
(1) 10 in. subwoofer
(2) 10 in. passive radiators
(1) 12 in. subwoofer
(2) 12 in. passive radiators
Frequency Response38 Hz–30 kHz (-10dB)
55 Hz–23 kHz (-3dB)
30 Hz–30 kHz (-10dB)
34 Hz–23 kHz (-3dB)
25 Hz–30 kHz (-10dB)
30 Hz–23 kHz (-3dB)
23 Hz–30 kHz (-10dB)
28 Hz–23 kHz (-3dB)
Nominal Impedance
(8Ω compatible)

(8Ω compatible)

(8Ω compatible)

(8Ω compatible)
Recommended Amplifier Power Rating50-250W50-300W50-300W50-300W
Subwoofer Amplifier180W (Continuous)
250W (Peak) Class D
180W (Continuous)
250W (Peak) Class D
400W (Continuous)
500W (Peak) GaN FET
Intelligent Bass ControlVariable +12dB/-15dBVariable +12dB/-15dBVariable +/- 12dB
37.4 x 10.3 x 10.0 in.45.4 x 11.3 x 13.7 in.47.4 x 11.3 x 16.0 in.49.4 x 11.3 x 16.0
(H x W x D)(950 x 261 x 255 mm)(1153 x 287 x 349 mm)(1204 x 287 x 407 mm)(1255 x 287 x 407 mm)
Optional DM90 Height Module
(sold separately)
53.4 x 11.3 x 16.0 in. 55.4 x 11.3 x 16.0 in. 
(H x W x D)(1356 x 287 x 407 mm)(1407 x 287 x 407 mm) 
Weight38.1 lbs
(17.3 kg)
60 lbs
(27.2 kg)
74.1 lbs
(33.6 kg)
83.1 lbs
(37.7 kg)
Grille MaterialAcoustically transparent black cloth (not removable)Acoustically transparent black cloth (not removable)Acoustically transparent black cloth (not removable)Acoustically transparent black cloth (not removable)
Warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years
Included Accessories• (4) Adjustable hard floor glides
• (4) Adjustable carpet spikes
• (4) Adjustable hard floor glides
• (4) Adjustable carpet spikes
• (4) Adjustable hard floor glides
• (4) Adjustable carpet spikes
• (4) Adjustable hard floor glides
• (4) Adjustable carpet spikes
Definitive Technology Dymension Series DM30 Center Speaker 2023

DM30 Flagship Center Channel Speaker Features:

  • Advanced Five-Driver Array: Four 5.25″ BDSS midrange woofers and a 1″ aluminum oxide tweeter deliver ultra-clear vocals with uncanny realism. Add DM30’s integrated 8” powered subwoofer and its full-range immersive sound that draws you into the action every time.
  • Built-In 8” Powered Subwoofer: An integrated 8” powered subwoofer delivers clean, detailed bass that perfectly blends with mids and highs, anchoring voices and effects with rich, full- range sound.
  • 3XR Architecture with Dual Bass Radiators: 3XR™ Architecture—introduced in our flagship Descend Series—combines a subwoofer and two passive radiators to produce huge, impactful bass that’s unrivaled in a center channel speaker. Get ready to experience low end you can feel.
  • BDSS System and Linear Response Waveguide: The DM30’s midrange woofers feature Definitive’s BDSS™, which improves excursion and provides superior midrange detail. Our patented Linear Response Waveguide™ extends off-axis dispersion for total sonic immersion.

In addition to the DM30 flagship active center channel speaker with built-in subwoofer, the Dymension Series also includes two passive center channel speakers. The DM10 is small and compact center speaker designed to fit inside an AV cabinet shelf, while the DM20 is an on-wall center channel for wall mounting.

Key Improvements

(preview generation)
TweeterAluminum OxideAluminum
MidrangesBDSS/LRW – PP w/ Flux ControlBDSS/LRW – PP
MidwoofersPP w/ better throwBDSS/LRW – PP
WoofersLong Throw with Flux ControlLong Throw
Bass RadiatorsDual Suspension w/ Coupling (towers only)Single Suspension
Amplifiers400W GaNFET (DM80) & 180W Class D (DM30/60/70)375W (BP9080X), 200W (BP9040/60, CS9080) & 80W (BP9020, CS9040) Class D
Bipolar ArraySwitchable Balanced Array DM40/60/70, Customizable Array in DM80Forward-Focus Array
CrossoverBipolar switching, higher part count, 2nd or 3rd order tweeter XOLower part count, no switching, 2nd order tweeter XO

Price & Availability

The Definitive Technology Dymension Series loudspeakers will be available February 22, 2023 in North America. Products in this series range from $699 each to $4,999 a pair from your local Definitive Technology retailer or the Definitive Technology website or Crutchfield.

Tower Speakers

Center Speakers

Height Speakers

About Definitive Technology

Since 1990, Definitive Technology has been building beautifully designed, superior sounding home audio and home theater loudspeakers. Definitive Technology loudspeakers are among the most positively reviewed and honored high performance loudspeakers on the market. For more information, please visit

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