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AVM’s CS 5.3 Network Streamer Includes CD Playback and A Phono Stage: AXPONA 2023

AVM’s CS 5.3 Network Streamer is really a network amplifier with the added bonus of a CD player and phono preamp. Just add speakers and a turntable.

AVM CS 5.3 All-in-One Network Streaming CD Player Front Angle in Cellini Chrome

The branding of the AVM CS 5.3 Network “Streamer” seems off to us. Especially because it’s really a network amplifier the includes a power amplifier, CD player, and MM/MC phono stage.

The $12,000 price tag doesn’t even seem that unreasonable when you consider all of the features, functionality, and likely sonic performance based on our experience with other AVM products. This is a high-end audio system — minus a turntable and pair of loudspeakers.

Minus the CD player and phono stage, one could purchase something from Hegel or Naim for a lot less money and have more funds available for a turntable, loudspeakers, and a CD player — but the gamble is that consumers will love the one-box configuration and not compare prices.

Bluebird Music, a distributor of high-performance audio products since 2000, is announcing the North American availability of the new AVM (Audio Video Manufaktur) CS 5.3 All-In-One Network Streamer.

To kick things off, Bluebird Music is showing the AVM CS 5.3 at the 2023 Axpona (Audio Expo North America) from April 14th-16th which is being held just outside of Chicago.

AVM CS 5.3 All-in-One  Network Streaming Player Front

What the AVM CS 5.3 Offers

The AVM CS 5.3 occupies the middle position between AVM’s entry-level CS 2.3 and its flagship CS 8.3 all-in-one network streamers. 

The CS 5.3 includes all the features and connectivity of AVM’s CS 8.3 player (including wireless streaming and a built-in CD player) but adds an upgraded high-performance MM/MC phono stage with adjustable gain and loading. 

AVM also includes a tube line stage in the CS 5.3 to deliver resolution and tonal character that is rarely found in all-in-one components. 

Just as with the CS 2.3 and 8.3, the CS 5.3 provides an intuitive user interface via  AVM’s RC X APP


The AVM in-house developed X-Stream Engine®, can stream all high-res audio formats up to resolutions of PCM 384/32 and DSD (256). AVM claims that this platform is future-proof.

Tip: Available streaming services include Spotify, Qobuz, TIDAL Connect, webradio (upgradable)

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The digital section of the CS 5.3 has been upgraded with the new ESS9028 PRO Double-Quad DAC. There are four DACs per channel in parallel which provides an improvement in sound quality. 

AVM CS 5.3 All-in-One  Network Streaming Player Rear View

Physical Connectivity

  • 2 digital  (SPDIF Coax and Optical)
  • USB A for external hard drives (NTFS & FAT)
  • 3 RCA + 1 XLR line inputs, switchable as signal sensitive inputs, switchable as Hometheatre Thruput
  • 2 Digital outputs (SPDIF/Optical.), also switchable to variable volume
  • Speaker terminals (A/B)
  • Front panel headphone output (6.3mm)

Wireless Connectivity

Tip: The CS 5.3 is also ROON ready

AVM  Multiroom Audio: The CS 2.3 can be used with a whole house-house system with AVMN’s Multiroom and Party Sync features available through the RC X app. 

Amplification: The amplifier stage provides 180 watts of continuous power output into 8 ohms (A/B speaker connections provided).

Dimensions (WHD): 43 x 12 x 350 mm (1.69 x .47 x 13.8 -inches)

Weight: 12 kg (26.5 lbs)

Price and Availability 

The AVM CS 5.3 will retail for $11,995 (US) and $15,995 (Canadian). It is available in black or silver finishes through the Bluebird Music dealer network. For more information visit

Tip: A Cellini Chrome finish is available at extra cost by special order.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    April 14, 2023 at 11:43 pm

    Nice looking but to my frugal eyes and ears, a bit overpriced for such as I. CD player or not. 😉

    For example, Ocean Digital makes a very nice WiFi Internet Component Radio Tuner with Bluetooth Receiver and FM (if you still listen to terrestrial stuff).

    It has 2.4 inch color display, Toslink, Coax and RCA outputs. All for…$169.99. I can buy a CD player that is more than adequate for very little money if that is what I want or truly need. I have several so I have no need but oh do I have “WANTS” (Marantz CD60!! LOL!).

    There a other such variations on the “streaming” (UGH!) theme and I mentioned my choices more than once here but the point is this. I will gladly feed my family or a beloved pet before ever I feed my ego. If you are affluent enough to easily afford the AVM by all means do so! But…

    …If you have other needs that must be put first then Ocean Digital and (YES!) Grace Digital and others out there deserve a good look. And other than “looks” subjectivity should not be allowed. Bits are bits and no human ear can discern between them and any that claim other wise are rationalizing beyond reason.

    If some thing is pleasing to the ears and the eyes…And in doing so brings a tear to those eyes, what does the cost matter so long as what truly matters is not set aside to purchase what ever that may be.

    Think about that.

    Those who write, NOT type, for this site are here to show you how to achieve more for what each of you can afford. Me? I am an advocate for the truth and not just as I see it but also as I hear it.

    Enough ramblin’. I suppose I do tend to tilt but only at “Shillmills” that grind out fodder for the asses and shun the masses such as we. Lately I feel quixotic, hence the temporary mod to my nom de plume.

    Don QuixORTe’

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