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Disney Announces New Streaming Subscription Plans and Pricing: Netflix Should Be Worried 

Disney is raising its prices and adding new streaming tiers for Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Netflix might be in trouble.

Disney Plus Logo

Disney is raising prices for its Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu video streaming channels and also adding new tiers that include advertising and the people who need to be the most concerned — Netflix.

You read that correctly.

Star Wars, Marvel, NHL, and Hulu have wider appeal than Stranger Things even if people have to pay slightly more.

To say that the streaming landscape is going through a volatile time is an understatement. Netflix is dealing with subscriber loss issues, and the Warner/Discovery merger is going to have a big impact on the video streaming site.

Streaming Device maker Roku is also seeing some bumps in the road. On the music side, a battle may be shaping up between Spotify, Apple Music, and Tiktok

Hulu Disney+ ESPN+

Along with profitable Q3 business income, Disney has reported that if you take all its main streaming services (Disney+, Hulu, Hulu with Live TV, and ESPN+) into consideration it now has more subscribers (221.1 million) worldwide than Netflix (220.67 million). Disney has also claimed that it added 14.4 million Disney+ subscribers during the past quarter. 

Although the difference in total streaming subscribers between Disney and Netflix is slight, and Disney is counting several services vs Netflix’s single service offering, it is still significant in the eyes of investors, as Disney is currently on an upswing and Netflix is currently experiencing a downturn. This bodes well for both Disney and its subscribers if this trend continues. 

Tip: If you break down Disney’s streaming offerings into the number of subscribers to its individual services, Disney+ has 152 million, Hulu and Hulu+Live TV have 46.2 million, and ESPN+ has 22.8 million.

However, even though Disney tooting its horn at Netflix, it is still moving ahead with price increases and other changes for its streaming services. 

Disney+ Content

New Disney Streaming Tiers and Pricing

Here is what is coming for Disney streaming service subscribers. 

Single Services 

  • Beginning December 8th, 2022, Disney+ will be $7.99/month for the new Ad-supported Plan and $10.99/month or $109.99/year for the current Ad-Free Plan. 
  • Beginning October 10th, 2022, Hulu will be $7.99/month or $79.99/year for the Ad-supported plan and $14.99/month (no year plan announced) for the Ad-Free Plan
  • Beginning August 23rd, 2022, ESPN+ will be $9.99/month or $99.99/year (ESPN+ always has Ads).

Bundled Services 

  • Basic Bundle One: Disney+ and Hulu Ad-Supported Plan: $9.99/month
  • Basic Bundle Two: Disney, Hulu, ESPN+ all with Ads: $12.99/month
  • Legacy Bundle (available for existing subscribers only): Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (Ad-supported), ESPN+ (Ad-supported): $14.99/month.
  • Premium Bundle: Disney+ and Hulu (No Ads), ESPN+ (Ad Supported): $19.99/month

Bundles That Include Hulu+Live TV

  • Basic Bundle: Disney+, Hulu + Live TV, and ESPN+ (all Ad-supported): $69.99/month
  • Legacy Bundle (available for existing subscribers only): Disney+ (No AD), Hulu + Live TV (Ad-Supported), ESPN+ (Ad-Supported): $74.99/month.
  • Premium Bundle: Disney+ and Hulu + Live TV (No Adds), ESPN+ (Ad Supported): $82.99/month

Tip: It has not been officially confirmed whether the Ad-Supported tiers will allow viewers to access all of the content offered to Ad-Free subscribers. 

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Disney+ Devices

What This Means For Consumers

Although things seem to be going well for Disney on the streaming front, will the new streaming tiers and pricing be a turn-off, or will consumers still flock to Disney especially to get their Star Wars and Marvel content fix? 

Disney + PIXAR + MARVEL + Star Wars + National Geographic

As Disney, Warner/Discovery, and Netflix adjust to the changing streaming landscape we may know in a year or so if Ad-supported plans and price increases by all three will provide continued growth, or if consumers will become stretched too thin in light of current inflationary trends for necessary living expenses. If consumers have to choose, which service(s) will end up the winner in this cutthroat battle?

Tip: Disney announced further price increases for many plans to take effect on October 12, 2023. Read our article: Disney+ Subscribers Will Have To Dig Deeper Into Their Wallets for details.

How much are you willing to pay?

Sign-up for Disney+ at

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    August 16, 2022 at 3:03 am

    Hmmmm…If Disney continues it’s (my term) “Social JustUs Warrior” BS, I may cancel again but this time for good.

    I just want to watch a movie or two, not be told how to feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel instead of think. I pay for the yearly sub just for Disney + as I loathe sports (as all good minded think adults should!) and care not for smellivision or anything else those cretins migh proffer. How MUCH per MONTH?!!!!! Ridiculous. FTN.


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