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Apple Music Now On Roku

In addition to Apple TV+, AirPlay 2, and Apple Homekit compatibility, you can now listen to Apple Music on Roku devices.

Apple Music on Roku TV with Streambar

In addition to offering users the Apple TV app, Apple TV+, Airplay 2, and Apple Homekit, Roku has announced the availability of Apple Music on all of its streaming devices. 

Compatible devices include Roku Streaming Players, Roku TVs, and Roku Soundbars

What Apple Music Offers 

The Apple Music library includes the following:

  • Over 90 million songs.
  • 30,000 preset playlists.
  • Music Videos (including select videos in 4K)

Tip: Apple Music is Ad Free

Apple Music on Roku

Extra Features

In addition to the music library offerings, Apple Musc offers a sing-along feature with lyrics, personalized recommendations, and exclusives which may include live concerts and original music-centered shows.  

Tip: If you have an iTunes collection, you can access it via the Apple Music app also. 

Note: According to Roku, Apple Music on Roku won’t support lossless or spatial audio “at this time”. Whether these capabilities will be added in the future is not known.

How to Find Apple Music on Roku

The Apple Music app is available on the Roku Channel Store. You can install it (aka add it) in three ways:

  1. On your PC go to and log into your Roku Account, find the Apple Music app, select it and add it. It will then appear on the home page of all your Roku devices. 
  1. On your Roku device, go to the Homepage > Streaming Channels > Search Channels > Type “Apple Music” > Select and Add.
  1. On the Roku Mobile App tap on the Channels Icon > Channel Store > Search for “Apple Music” > Add Channel. 

Once installed, open the app and follow any sign-in instructions. If you already have an Apple ID, just enter your info and you are set to go. 

If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will be prompted to create one

Paid Subscription Required

To access all the music content on Apple Music, there is a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. However, before you decide to commit, Apple offers a 1-month free trial. 

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Roku Streambar with Remote
Roku Streambar with Remote

Tip: Although you can listen to Apple Music on a Roku TV or streaming stick/box connected to any TV, you will get better listening results if you connect your TV to an external sound system, or connect a Roku Streambar or Streambar Pro to your TV.

Explore all Roku products at

More on Apple Music

It’s great that Apple Music is available Roku devices, but there is more you should know about this music streaming service.

Note: As mentioned previously, the Apple Music Lossless and Spatial Audio features will not be available on Roku devices upon rollout. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    May 3, 2022 at 9:55 pm

    I have a Mac Mini that sits there, unused now for several years. I had an iPhone SE 256 gig (2nd Gen.) and I used that until the Otterbox popped whilst riding a motor cycle and there went my phone, all over the road. No parts meant my fApple insurance was as use less as my iPhone had become. Or my fApple Watch which I traded in for two other smart watches that work with iOS or Android so if I ever do buy another fApple phone I can use it with my watches. I could not use my fApple Watch without the missing iPhone. I did not buy another one. My fApple coverage was use less without broken parts so…No more fApple for now.

    I was not about to get run over by cars trying to get parts from my iPhone for proof. So. I bought an Android and have yet to look back in remorse.

    The same holds true for fApple music except that outside of iTunes, I have not bought in to their music service and most likely never will. Ahhhh, fApple. I think they make great phones and computers I do not want their music service right now and have no idea if I ever will.

    I have three such services and they work just fine for me. I see no need for Tidal Bowl, fApple or that oddball named one…? Qfuzz?! Some here like it and I have no problmo with that. Tidal is Foisting the FARCE on its customers, so to Hades with them.

    And fApple offers nothing that I really want or need. Life style stuff does not appeal (get it? fApple and “appeal”? UGH.) and fApple is often a life style thingie. I can not hear any difference in codecs and so that means nothing to me. I listen to music on a weekly average for 4 or more hours a day (traffic!). I like music.

    As with equipment, I do not listen to a codec and if said codec is soooo bad that I can hear how bad it is with alarming frequency and incredible indelible accuracy? Well, I should not be able to. It should be music not 1s & 0s I am hearing. Not digital (f)artifacts. Not (LOLOLOLOLOL ad nauseam) “digital smear”. That last one reads like some thing Amber Heard would do to a music steamer…rrrrrr…STREAMER, LOL!

    I am such an ubermench. Just ask my aunties. So I will pass on the fApple Music for now. It is not that they do not deserve a chance but rather I am not selling any chances right now.

    Nice read so my thanks to the author! Well done, indeed sire!


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