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Pansat 3500 is downTomhiro Nishkado6
TotalFTA acknowledgementfred dryer1
I did factory reset to my converted FLU helpRH8
Viewsat Plat Question . . . . . .bob4
Is ATMEGA up?dantetn9
Sat wont switchNalin Nyda13
Colsat 5000 AUTO SCAN helpFerrari Fire7
Koolsat troubleverbatim3
Skew adjustment for DTV phase 3 dishKing Tapeman3
PRFRMNJ/ LK/ KING/ Nalin - I Need Help King Tapeman12
Koolsat bin down need helpChip L R1
Need help to setup new viewsat ultraDrMunna2
New bin file requiredthill19516
AV - LK or Nydas???pannu6
Are we waiting for new bin file or what?Ed Zackary2
Question is which recievers are still working?Ed Zackary6
Is all the channells are down? 121w +110+82+91wpannu2
FTA keyscotton coots8
Viewsat extreme power problems??? very strangeKing Tapeman4
Fortec Classic NA Receiverrabaab3
When di$h or b3v is down..thill19518
My Viewsat Ultra is down, autoroll processing, what can I do?wakenbake27
Charlie and BEV (Nimiq2) down!!pannu1
Setanta SportsAndrew3
CS-224 downhusain5
Koolsat 6100 is down..sada8
Is Nfusion, or what does it called is it still workingsada1
Is Nfusion, or what does it called is it still workingsada1
Fortec LTC_NArabaab5
DISH DOWN.Vasil Bikov2
New ECM satgrl8
Want to upgrade from Pansat2500AThe One2
Tried converting FLU to 2700 using CS_224T full jtag - Problems!vittu2
Nalin help with signal problemshaz2
Signal problemAfrican6
2500/Flu to 2700 - New instructionsW.C. Fields19
Why ECM doesn't effect Provider Receivers ...King Tapeman2
NalinNalin Nyda2
Is there any difference between pansat 2700a and pansat 27001 B-75?Nalin Nyda4
USB RS232 Pansat 2700David Hunter6
Need channel #Nalin Nyda3
Pansat 2700 - BUGS FIXEDNalin Nyda11
Need factory bin for pansat 2500Nalin Nyda7
Viewsat Ultra HelpNalin Nyda9
Brasilian channelsKing Tapeman4
Cs5k, bin 155, dish, and weird behaviourlroy tipit2
Any Tester Help!Johnner9
Epg on bev is not right Canadian Mounty2
Satgrl????Tomhiro Nishkado48
Anyone receiving 77W?Kavin Reno18
ReceiveLiz Wakefield1
Please help :-( viewsat dead please help ...Tudor Ciobanu10
Current tv 196THE FTA TESTER2
Viewsat PVR7000 EPG problem for 118.7THE FTA TESTER2
Nagravision 2 keys for Panset 2700AHc2
Need channel #Hc3
TP frequency changescartier123
Please someone helpshaz26
Cant lock onto 119King Tapeman4
Magnum v162Hc2
Scrambled channels between 300 and 1000, and some moreTeddy Chocordes1
Can we upload files from PANSAT 2700A to ComputerTHE FTA TESTER4
Anyone receiving indian channels on 119THE FTA TESTER3
Koolsat help pleaseAfrican2
Missing Transponders Pansat 2700Ajoe bob6
Is New ARIZA700 working fine??Sam7
Nalin helpkiran patel14
Picture freezebruce l23
Sonic view sv1000 & sv4000 workingNalin Nyda10
11-26-07 So Cal 110-119 45+ Receivers Supported !Joe Student11
USB to labtopNalin Nyda12
CS_224T_Light_100t_FLU & 2500 to 2700...23 Nov Nalin Nyda64
LoaderDavid Hunter2
Cw600pv1.58 11-26-2007 Fix freezing with new ECMbruce l1
9x8 Multiswitch ? need 5 dishes to 4 receiver setupKing Tapeman4
Pansat 2700A help & infoshahzad shafiq5
Colsat5000 where is 129??Ferrari Fire1
Pansat 2700a - loader and bin neededRTAP9
Viewsat Can't Delete Channelsscabz4
I need help for freezing pictureAV2
Ariza700 re-boots on bev, why ??poochi4251
Pansat 2700 Clone help av or anyoneNalin Nyda9
Need a little help lk or av or nadia................................zulu3
Nalin help pleaseamani14
New bin for Pansat 2700 clone file-need helpVasu1
Help with FLU converted to 2700Melissa1
Viewsat Pro helpTim5
Pansat 2700a helpDawood Muhammad6
Ariza xtreme VR1
Help with fluAV12
Want to get 129 w/ Dish 1000, Need HelpLickon Myballsac8
Please help Lk or Nalindantetn2
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