2500/Flu to 2700 - New instructions


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Pasnsat 2500A and named and nameless clones of 2500A
Forect LifetimeUltra
If using an original pansat 2500a, install 293T or 294T Bin first
Any of above whether converted or not converted.

B. Sites for download of files.
[link removed]
[link removed]

C. Preparation:.
Make a directory or subdirectory called 'jvvh'
Download files into this directory:
BL Updater 1.4, 225,280 bytes,
jvvh_208.1.bin, 458,752 bytes
jvvh_213.bin (optional)
Extract CS_224T_Lightning_100t_Series_serial.bin'" 448K bytes
from the zipped file CS_224T_Lightning_100t_Series_serial.zip
Note that you do not need the full jtag file.
(You may use the jvvh_Leafs+224.bin extracted from Jvvh_leafs(BG)_224.zip)
All these files should be in the jvvh directory,
Straight RS232 DB9 F/F cable.
Connect computer to receiver via serial port using 9 pin F/F DB9 cable above.
Receiver should be switched off.

D. Action:
If going from any jvvh Bin 221 onwardss, skip the installation of 208_1.
If having problems with too many resets or other problems, do the 208_1 part. </b>

Go into Windows explorer and find the jvvh directory.
Double click on BL Updater 1.4
Select BIN and select file jvvh_208.1.bin (do not select BOOT)
Left hand ready on switch of receiver and right hand ready on Mouse pointing to 'Write BIN'
Wait, Wait, It will start loading the BIN, and go to100%
The it will say, 'BURN' on your screen.
The receiver will then show b75 flashing.
When you see the screen of receiver settle down at '5' , it is still NOT FINISHED.
You will see ON come on the receiver.
Turn receiver off.

This part is optional.
Repeat above selecting and using BIN 213. This time click the mouse for write AFTER seeing 'b' come on'. This is optional but recommended.

Repeat above selecting and using CS_224T_lightnimg_110t_serial.bin. This time click the mouse for write AFTER seeing 'b' come on'
With receiver showing ON, turn off the receiver and exit from BL updater 1.4
Disconnect receiver from computer.

E. Installation:
With receiver switch in off position, connect the Sat antenna, and the cables to TV.
Turn on TV
Turn on receiver.
You will see b75 go across and freeze on '5'.
After a little while the TV will come on asking you to confirm Language
Press OK.
First do Menu/System Reset.
It will ask for PIN '" use 1668 if you have forgotten your PIN, usually a 0000.

Next do default settings
Next do User setup. Set time to manual and enter the correct time, date, and time zone.
Make sure summer time is off.

Next do Menu/Dish Setup/Antenna setup
Select your known dishes and use the known DisEqC port connections.
You can connect to ports without knowing which is which using trial and error and the signal strength.

Now do Blind scan (power scan) for each of the selected sats.
You must see Vertical TPs.

F. Watching TV:
By the time you finish the blind scan, the new keys will have loaded and you are ready to watch TV.
You MUST switch off at the back once and switch on.
You can se up the channels alphabetically or in other ways using Channel Edit and Sort.
You can and should set up P-lock on some P0RNO channels.
You can rename the 5 Favorites using right arrow key.
If a channel does not appear, you can do a separate TP scan.
Also look for it in the list, e.g. channels 614 '" SET may appear in the list as TV 614, and you can rename.

If resets occur, try turning autoroll off and auto TP off.

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Nalin, I downloaded the Viewsat platinum 2000 from totafta and still not running, in addition it gave me different EPG? any help?

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Tar: kindly post in another thread. This thread is for Pansat conversion instructions.

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[link removed]

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sorry Nalin, but any help?

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great information in this post.
Thanks Nalin

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do you have something similar for converting fortec lifetime classic to pansat or any other model? tired of fortec sitting in the gargage, want to make use of it. thanks

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Please help Nalin i did all what u said exactly but when iam downloading the 224t bin it is not working iam turnning it off then on wait for it to flash then click on write and it is not working please help me!!!

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Nalin, Is this new file good for FLU to 2700?
Is it able to catch GC as well???

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sam: "Is it able to catch GC as well???"
The 223T was good for GC. i don't know about this. Why don't you try and report?

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ekoneuno: Nothing for Fortec Classic. If you believe in miracles, then a miracle did occur yesterday with the extinct but now not so extinct Ariza 700. So a miracle might happen.

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damdoom: Do you see b75 flashing accros? You should see that if you do not click on "Write", and then it should stop at some point and say "ON".
If you see that then you are OK.
You should next try to load an older jvvh BIN like jvvh_213. This time wait for "b" to come on and then click write. Finish the Burn, and wait till the b75 dance is over and then wait for "ON" to come. Switch off
Now install CS_224T the same way. as jvvh_213.

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Tar: I have started a new thread for you. Please look there for answers.


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Nalin :

I Have clone converted Pansat 2500 to 2700 and have file 75_221T_EUbx boot ver.I can view some of the english channels but not all. The bin file CS_224T_Lighting_100t will work for my receiver.

Please reply.


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It should work, Raj

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https://www.ecoustics.com/cgi-bin/bbs/show.pl?tpc=2&post=1324154#POST1324154 Nalin I need your help I cant seem to find a RS232 fm-fm cable to use with the BL loader I have the Null cable that came with my new 2700 box how can I update my 2500a to the BL 1400 Loader without the RS232 cable? please contact me soon Rashala083@hotmail.com Plz

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You can buy a straight F/F RS232 cable from Radio Shack or similar place or you can buy a M/F null adaptor and use it in series with your current null cable.

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What is the purpose of the 213 Bin if it is only recommended?
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