Viewsat help to newbie


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Tar New member Username: Viewbass posted the following in th wrong thread.

Nalin, I downloaded the Viewsat platinum 2000 from totafta and still not running, in addition it gave me different EPG? any help?

Can somebody help?

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The Bins released at totalfta site were defective. The heading said "temporary". Since then new BINs have been released. You should go to the site again and download the latest version, and upload it to your receiver. Totalfta is still THE site for Viewsat files and is the fastest. Any other site offering you the BINs will be offering you the same that they get from totalfta.

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hey nalin, whats the difference between VS Ultra and VS Platinum?

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Hey Nalin ,
Stop starting new threads.

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Go Leafs Go :
Platinum isinferior to Ultra and particular, the presence of the USB port for input make the Ultra much better.
You joined in June 2006. I am sure you know the sites which have this info

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Nalin Nyda

read what you wrote. Ur starting to sound like LK with the chastising of people on here.

is that what you really want?

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thill = Dumbass Doreen (AKA Dumbass DJ)

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You owe us all an apology Nalin!! Stop being rude!!

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thill 1951:
It is a bit odd that somebody with over 200 posts and a member here for over 16 months should ask about the difference between two receivers, the type of info that can be easily obtained by a person of his level of knowledge.
The operative directive here is the title "Viewsat help to newbie " and he is certainly not a newbie.
However, I have given a sort of a quick comparison, and if he wants more information he should be able to get it.
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