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Selling Hifonics Brutus BXi1206Dcal payne3
I NEED A 4 Channel AMP!!!Polo6
Car amplifier turns off after about 25 minutesLeon Betts13
Orion 2100 wiring questionMonieca Merritt4
Forums downTremor11276
Really A Newb QuestionChad Lee2
Running A 4Ga. Red Power Cablejerome baker5
Hooking up my speakers to my amp, and mixing subwoofers.Optidriven3
Phoenix goldQ15
How do u wire an amp for highsJames Longo11
Advice needed on choosing an amp for my subsctmike6
Marcus Thompson Marcus Thompson2
Kicker SX900.4Polo1
Newb question?Terry Fong3
FS-> Kicker SX900.4Polo1
Optimal Set up. Matching amps to speakersMarc5
FS-> Kicker SX900.4Polo1
Old school us amp" barney purple" usa300 for sale needs repairRenegadesrun3
OT: termolgy neededRenegadesrun3
Help picking out an ampJ B3
Zapco Z1 and Z2 CSL, any good?rajeev3
For sale for sale!!!blaine westropp6
Audison Amptasos6
Help wiring an 06 Civic?Brad Warren3
Optimal Set up. Matching amps to speakersMarc1
My hsitkevin kent3
New system helpJames Longo2
Re subwoofersChase Freeman2
how much is to much aaron hoehing9
Off Topic.. nice idea ? Ecoustics Secret Santas ?Tyler182
Happy new year James Longo10
MonoJames Longo5
Whats the problem?James Longo6
How good are nitro amps?James Longo27
Lanzar audioOptidriven8
How to ground rca cables,subs making humming soundJames Longo2
OpinionsChase Freeman10
Amp 4 salebig boy billy5
Teach me on ohmsJames Longo2
My amp keeps turning off!James Longo8
Is My Memphis System A good One?chris webb8
800 watts 1 ohm stable juliob20
Looking for an Old School Autotek Amp??juliob3
Alternator?James Longo2
SUBS FOR MY AMP??big boy billy7
Rockford or Mtx?Tyler9
Finished installing my amps today.Tyler6
I NEED AN AMPPaul Larrea42
Extreme Engine Whine????cal payne1
Determining my voltage..James Longo4
Which brand do u prefer????Kyle31
Is this a good web site 2 buy from Brad Warren2
2 channel 800 watt directed amp for saleAdamWho5
Nice Setup but how do I go about this...Please HelpDAMIAN HOWELL18
Soundstream 6500 /w picsJ B9
Is Phoenix Digital a good brand?mixneffect6
Splkevin kent7
For saleTim1
Good ampJames Longo2
Looking for decent brand ampJames Longo2
Amp affecting sound alot??...TJBaSsMeKaNiK4
Directed amp 2400d mono good?mat dope3
Car audio help tchad potter7
Anyone heard of this amp?James Longo2
Amp 4 saleBrandon Moore2
Phoenix Gold Xenon X1200.1Q21
i have SUBS FOR MY AMP??WrEaK HaVoC2
Need ampKen Jones jr.2
JL 250/1 or 500/1derek smith4
Elemental Designs NINe.2x AMP HELPty mutlow4
Elemental Designs NINe.2x AMP HELPmike1
**FLI AMP AND 12" SUB WIRING PROBLEM**carl holiday4
Where can i buy a good amp that has 3000watts?Kevin Holden7
My hsitcody lodermeier1
Hifonincs mono amp HELPcody lodermeier5
Need Some Help on AmpsOptidriven4
Need Some Help on Ampsmike1
Zapco i-force 2100 or Orion HP2800Marc2
Last question about gainsOptidriven9
Crunch?big boy billy5
Matching amplifire with subsbilly frye1
I need amp advice!!ctmike6
Orion 1200D for saleMarcus Thompson2
Hifonincs mono amp HELPcody lodermeier1
Hifonic BXI1606D to 2 SPLW-12's... WILL IT WORK??juliob3
Amp for 2 12" Kicker CVR's 2ohm 600 RMSJgelp76
Rca jacksOptidriven3
Is this a good amp?Libbey12
Digital amplifiers, Alpine and who else?[...Rovin...]10
Got a big problemalex moorehead10
Which amp?juliob3
2 kicker S15L7's and 2500.1 kicker mono amp.. Good Deal?????Optidriven11
4 channel amp help?Optidriven5
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